In major news for the users of the One Plus One in India, OTA rollout for Android Marshmallow has been started.
The CyanogenMod 13.0 encorporates Android M(6.0+) along with the ever useful tweaks that have made Cyanogen this popular.
The Over-The-Air update for One Plus One was rolled out in waves starting last week, meaning all devices will not be updated at the same time, and will be completed by next week mid.
Long overdue, this update comes as a relief to the users.
As mentioned by cyanogen, some of the major lookout changes in the update for One Plus One are as follows.
• The “doze” feature is a brilliant battery saver option which will turn on once your phone has been inactive for half an hour. It will ensure no battery drain while you sleep, thus giving the battery a major boost.
• The SMS\MMS app has been replaced with the AOSP Messaging app, with the quick reply option finally available.
• Another protection feature that will be added will ensure no protected application can be launched by the Play Store.
• The status bar gets more functionality than ever, with the UITuner working its magic for the CM users.
• There have been minor changes in the settings as well:
 Settings > About phone > Build date : Triple tap to access demo mode.

 Settings > Lock screen > Owner info – replaced with ‘Lock screen message’

 Settings > About phone > Advanced mode – removed: New behavior is to show all settings at all times. (too bad, now won’t see the ‘you are not a developer now’!)

 Settings > Notification Drawer > Quick Settings – removed : New behavior is to control layout and options directly via ‘edit’ tile or long-press of settings option in the pull down area. Options such as ‘enlarge first row’ and ‘show weather’ now present on leftmost pane while in edit mode. ‘Advanced location settings’ renamed to ‘Tristate location’

• Permissions: Due to new permission model API in M, Privacy guard has been re-engineered to be compliant with this new environment. Users retain ability to control fine-grained permissions via Settings > Privacy > Privacy Guard

The new One Plus One update comes at a time when the Android N developer preview is being released for the Nexus devices. Cyanogen is moving at a slow yet steady pace and users are definitely happy, albeit the long wait.