Indian OnePlus users rejoice as OnePlus India is Offering Unlimited Streaming on Hungama, i.e., unlimited access to all of the movies and songs on the Hungama app. And only Indian OnePlus users can avail this offer.

The recent blog post on the OnePlus website declared unlimited access to Indian OnePlus owners on the Hungama app worth ₹3,599 for 90 days. The offer is only redeemable till December 31st, 2016 so hurry before the offer runs out.

To get the promo code, you have to fill out this small form and you will receive the promo code the following Wednesday. This code is redeemable in the app itself.

Follow these Steps to redeem your code and avail the Unlimited Streaming on Hungama:

Music App:

  1. Open Play Store and install the Hungama Music app to your OnePlus smartphone.
  2. Open the Menu Pane and select the Promo Code option.
  3. Enter the promo code sent over to you by OnePlus on the email id you provided them.
  4. You will be needed to verify your credentials via OTP over phone.
  5. You will receive Login ID and password via SMS for first time users, for Existing users you can use your their login ID and password.
  6. After Loggin in you will recieve a notification of application of Promo code.
  7. Enjoy the app and 90 days of unlimited streaming. As per the applications FUP, the Hungama App limits you from downloading not more than 100 songs for offline downloads.

Movies App:

  1. Install the Hungama Movies App onto your OnePlus smartphone.
  2. Open the Menu pane and select the Login/Register option (For first-time users).
  3. Fill in the Necessary credentials (For first-time users) or login to your existing account.
  4. Open the Menu Pane and select Subscription Plans.
  5. Select e-coupon payment method and enter the Promo Code that will be sent to you by OnePlus.
  6. After Receiving the confirmation notice, Enjoy and stream HD or SD content limitlessly over the app.

So that will be it to avail the benefit of unlimited streaming on Hungama.

Note: The promo codes only go out during Wednesdays. So even if you fill in the form during other days, expect yours to arrive the following Wednesday.