Standing up to its image as a leading brand in providing a wonderful sound experience, Panasonic India has added two new multi-channel speaker systems to its existing line-up. These new 2.1 Channel Speaker Systems are a perfect combination of design, looks and performance. Along with a powerful compact subwoofer and easy connections for all media devices, the SC-HT18GW-K houses an FM tuner and SC-HT21GW-K has an in-built Bluetooth function for Anywhere-Entertainment.The beautifully designed

The beautifully designed SC-HT18GW-K, fondly called as ‘2.1 Mini’ because of its compact size, has a powerful sub-woofer built with a wooden cabinet delivering the high quality punch. The speaker front has an attractive grill in gun-metal colour giving it an elegant and premium look. The 45W RMS 2.1 Mini also features an FM tuner with antenna giving a retro look captured in a modern metallic design.

Panasonic SC-HT21GW-K

The 65W RMS SC-HT21GW-K, referred as the ‘2.1 BT’, incorporates an in-built Bluetooth function for seamless connectivity and has a handcrafted wooden cabinet which produces rich bass effect with a perfect combination of vocal clarity. The 2.1 BT boasts of the famous Tall Boy speaker design, which is perfectly compatible with your 32” TV set.

The organized Audio market size is estimated to be 2.8 Million Units per year in 2016 and Panasonic India will be aiming to seize 10% of the market share under its name.