Now you can play chess on the Facebook Messenger, challenging anyone for a game. Though chess can be boring considering the people who use Facebook. The game is right in the chat or you Messenger to play. You just have to type @fbchess play and the game will start right away. By default, you will be having the black pieces and your opponent will have white.

Play chess on the Facebook Messenger

This method was discovered back in December in a Reddit discussion which is pretty informative. To select a piece use P for the pawn, K for the king, B for bishop, N for the knight, Q for queen or R for the rook. To move the corresponding piece use the command @fbchess nd5 depending on where you want to move it. If the commands get complicated or confusing just type in @fbchess help for help.You can also choose your side by writing @fb chess play white or @fb chess play black.

To end the game you can simply type @fbchess resign and the game ends. Pretty cool feature which is available right in the chat, though chess is for the players who can really play with their friends on Facebook though it is available on the phone.