The recent WhatsApp update comes with a new feature of document sharing and it is in its first stage. But for now only PDFs can be shared in this new WhatsApp update. To use the feature, both the sender and receiver must be on the same version of WhatsApp. Also this update has been made available for iOS and Android devices. The update versions available in the respective app stores are 2.12.453 for Android and 2.12.14 on iOS.

Earlier there was an option for Photo and Video which has now been replaced with just a Camera in the recent WhatsApp update. When you tap on it you’ll see a small pop-up that asks if you want to take a photo or shoot video. Neat trick to compensate for space.

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You can try out the new document sharing feature but before that you will have to get a friend on the recent WhatsApp Version. Then just tap on the sharing option available on both of the platforms, hit Document and select from the list of PDFs available on your phone.

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There is a separate Document section for the received documents in the media section present in chat’s overflow menu to avoid any confusion with rest of the media files. Also a Documents folder will be available in your WhatsApp Media folder and you can also check the Documents box in the Media Auto-Download settings in WhatsApp. As mentioned earlier the latest update is limited to PDFs for now and might as well be available for other documents types later.