Samsung Galaxy S7 design leaks surface before its launch

samsung galaxy s7

Samsung will soon be unveiling its Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship smartphone Mobile World Conference, which will commence next month. Till now most of the rumors about the device has been about the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S7, not much has been leaked about the design of the device.

Some new 3D renders pertaining to the Galaxy S7 deive, designed by the popular 3D designer, Jermaine Smith, have recently come to light. These show what the Samsung Galaxy S7 could actually look like. The renders show a 5.1 inch S7 flagship handset. The video encompasses the flagship device showcasing curved sides, similar to those of the Note 5. The 5.5 inch Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will have curved edges in the front. Front design of the S7 seems to have narrower side bezels and a 2.5D protective glass which covers its screen and home buttons.

This video which has been rendered by Jermaine Smit, itself is based on a popular online tech tipster’s, (@onleaks on twitter), alleged designs of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung obviously has given no reaction but it is likely that these renders are quite accurate to what the actual device will look like. The render also shows the Samsung Galaxy S7 in 5 different color variants like blue, black, gold, silver and rose gold (pink?). These colors however could be Mr. Smit’s own imagination though.

Coming back to the specs, there seems to be nothing to refute the earlier leaks which had confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset complimented with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB internal storage, Adreno 530 GPU etc. The device is expected to run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Coming to the snapper front, Samsung seems to be quitting the megapixel war and downgrading the camera to 12MP but at the same time increasing the low light image capturing quality and the better contrasts. Steve Jobs must be churning in his grave seeing the competitor use Apple-like strategies. Samsung Galaxy S7 will take use of the new BRITECELL setup to achieve these aims. AnTuTu listing of the deice also claims that the device will sport 5 MP front snapper as well.