Honestly, since we saw No Man’s Sky in E3 we have not been able to wrap our heads around the game. We’ve been waiting patiently for some news, but Sony and Hello Games has been notoriously dodging our questions and are tight lipped about the release date. So when Sean Murray popped up on The Late Show with Stephan Colbert, we were excited to hear what they had to say.

Unfortunately, the release date still remains a mystery. But we do have another sneak peek for you and it looks awesome. Every time a sneak peek or a trailer is released it just makes our hands itch with excitement. Of course, we’ve all dreamt of being a super awesome space explorer, since the days of star trek and star wars. Having 18 quintillion planets, albeit virtual, to explore certainly seems like the way to go.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky eagerly awaited by the Gaming Community is a large game, it is a very large game. The worlds are created by the computer based on an algorithm, along with creatures growing up following evolutionary rules. This is a quantum leap in the game developing area, and we finally have a game which offers something quite unique.

Sean revealed in the interview that if a person was the first to discover a particular thing, Planet, or even a whole solar system we can name it. And we get money for naming and discovering new organisms, that certainly makes things interesting. We are capable of running into other players but seeing the scale of the game, chances are scarce. No load times? How cool is that? The game uses maths to create planets and star systems, hence planets are created by the computer as we move around. Goodbye, Load screen!

We haven’t been as excited for a game as No Man’s Sky since quite some time now and we are eager to get our hands on it. What do you think about the game? Let us know in the comments below.