Designed specifically for today’s mobile lifestyle, Sony India today launched new portable charger CP-SC10 for users of the latest smart phones, tablets and other portable devices. This new charger comes equipped with USB Type-C ports that enable fast charging of Type-C devices, perfect for on-the-go, gadget-savvy users who constantly rely on their devices.

To complement the new USB Type-C Portable Charger, Sony has also introduced a USB Type-C AC Adaptor CP-AD3, which can be used to charge up the USB Type-C portable charger or as a standard power adaptor for charging of any USB Type-C devices with a maximum output of 3.0A. Addition to this, Sony has also introduced USB-C-C Cable and USB-C – Micro USB Cable.

Featuring a battery capacity of 10,000mAh CP-SC10 is able to charge two Type-C portable devices concurrently with its dual USB Type-C ports at a combined output of 6.0A. The CP-SC10 also allows for pass through charging, making it convenient for users to charge both the portable charger and USB Type-C device at the same time. In comparison with a regular USB-A portable charger, the CP-SC10’s charging input of 3.0A is also two times faster.

Manufactured using Sony’s Hybrid Gel Technology, the lithium ion polymer battery is able to provide up to 1,000 charges in a lifecycle. This charger is also able to retain 90% of its battery capacity after 1000 charges.

Users can also choose to charge this new charger via a USB port on a computer or an AC adaptor. The new CP-SC10 is conveniently packaged with a USB Type-C cable for use straight out of its packaging. An extra convenience that users of the new portable charger will appreciate is the four LED light indicator found on the side of the charger, letting them know how much charge the portable charger have at any one time.

With these amazing features, the USB Type-C Portable Charger, CP-SC10is available in Grey and Gold, while the USB Type-C AC Adaptor CP-AD3 is available in White.

These new products will be available across Sony Centers, major electronic stores and E-Commerce portals from 15thSeptember, 2016.

Specification Sheet

Model Name






Input DC 5V, 3.0A AC 100V ~ 240V, 0.4A, 50/60Hz, 24W
Output USB Type-C 6.0A (Max) 5V, 3.0A (Max.)
Size (W x H x D mm) 65.0 x 127.0 x 21.8 44.0 x 26.0 x 75.5
Weight 270g 68g
Supply Time[1]


USB Type-C Approx. 40 min (2 USB output: Max 6.0A) N/A
Battery Capacity 10,000mAh N/A
Charging Time Via AC Adaptor Approx. 5 hours (using CP-AD3)




Via USB Port Approx. 24 hours N/A


Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 35°C


Material Description Colour MRP Availability
CP-SC10 10,000mAh Grey and Gold Rs. 5,990 September 15, 2016
CP-AD3 5V, 3.0A (Max.) White Rs. 2,390 September 15, 2016

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