With the onset of a trend of having cheap and useful Virtual Reality technology started by the Cardboard, there is no surprise in the fact that many designers are trying to integrate the VR factor into their accessories to make it a multipurpose useful tool. Mobile gaming has been on the rise constantly for a couple of years now and virtual reality almost certainly seems to be the future where this trend is heading I guess it seems safe to foray in to the world of accessories where any manufacturer would try to combine these elements in order to build something useful and ‘cool’. Speck Pocket VR is just such an adventurous accessory in this category. It is a a protective smartphone case which can, if needed, double as a VR headset too! Yeah, sounds ingenious, doesn’t it?

Speck Pocket VR is a smartphone case which can double as a VR headset on the go

CES 2016 saw the unveiling of the Speck Pocket VR today where people were dangling between ‘oh! That’s sort of cool’ to ‘It is so simple, I should’ve thought of that!’ The company in its endevour with the Speck Pocket VR has created a fine balance between something geeky cool and something quite useful. The Speck Pocket VR will safeguard your phone from injuries and at the same time lets you experience some unearthly VR action on the go, without having to carry anything extra! Quite good for some plastic and a Fresnel glass.

There wasn’t much info given on the range of smartphones, price and regions of availability of the Speck Pocket VR but since the product is exciting and promising we see that coming soon!

Would you buy the Speck Pocket VR, A smartphone case which is also a VR headset? Which smartphones would you like to see the Speck Pocket VR for? Tell us in the comments below!