Chances are that you have already dug into the newest game by EA, StarWars: Battlefront. At least you must’ve seen all the gameplay videos plaguing the internet, 9Gag and doing rounds around Facebook. The graphics are surreal. As is always the case people have already begun working on making it better. A privilege the console gamers do not enjoy. Yes, it is the beauty of modding. One Such mod definitely caught our eyes called the toddyhancer mod.

Previously seen on Grand Theft Auto V. The toddyhancer mod literally dilutes the boundaries between reality and graphics. The mod is still in development phase though so when it will be out for public is anyone’s guess. However, for the time being we do have gorgeous screenshots of the mod, which has dropped the jaws of the entire Reddit community. The mod is developed by Martin Bregman an ex-employee of Activision. He released screenshots on his Reddit, twitter and facebook account and has the fans run rampant waiting for the release.

There are a lot of advantages of being in the PC Master Race, and if your computer can handle the load it’s an absolute delight to game on one. We’ll be looking out to Bregman’s account for futhur details on the release of the mod till then drool over these screenshots. You can find more screenshots on his imgur account.

Toddyhancer Battlefront ScreenshotsToddyhancer Battlefront Screenshot FPS

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