Syska India’s leading player in the LED Lighting known for its smart innovation, announces another extension to its growing range of LED portfolio, which goes synonym with its brand campaign ‘Asli Savings’, it announces 22W T5 Tube lights with the longer life span of 50,000 hours replacing the conventional florescent lamp T5 and T8

. With 22W priced at Rs. 1350, the T5 series begins Rs. 600 onwards. A few simple steps with T5 can make a huge difference!

Commenting on the launch of the T5 Lights, Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director SSK Group, says, “We are seeing that the customers are much more aware today about energy consumption and also are very keen in doing their bit, energy saving being the prime focus. Savings don’t only translate into actual savings on monthly electricity bills but also in a long run translates into huge return of initial investments made towards LED”.

Going green is the way to live now and starting with the regular everyday lighting Syska LED makes a great move. Like the signature Syska LED Lights, the T5 Lights helps save up to 85 per cent energy compared to the conventional ones. With the lifespan of 50000 hours compared to 1000 hours it is highly energy efficient, long lasting and environmentally friendly as it has zero mercury and no UV radiation. The Syska T5 Lights not only reduces your electricity bills but goes a long way in reducing your carbon footprint too. The T5 Lights are slimmer and shorter as compared to the regular Tube Lights. With easy to install fixtures, an undoubted champion for your lighting purposes

Today, Syska stands strong in the LED Market in India with 30 per cent share of the market within just three years. The brand has converted the institutional use of bulbs/lights to a retail product.

The product is available with leading retail and also retail stores in India.