Uber for Business (U4B) is a comprehensive transportation management platform built to support the unique requirements of business travelers. U4B enables companies to set up a corporate Uber account,  and ensure reliable, convenient and safe rides to their employees, while dramatically reducing the cost on employee ground transportation for the company.

U4B was developed to provide an enhanced experience to companies, and employees, wanting to use Ubers global network for work travel. The U4B platform also includes a versatile and powerful travel dashboard that business administrators can use to manage budgets, enforce ride policies, and monitor usage and spends.

Features include:

  •  Account Management: With a Uber for Business account, you can enable employee access and monitor trip activity. Employees can use a central payment account or request reimbursement for Uber trips    related to   business (via the de-centralized model)
  • Expense with ease: Tag trips with an expense code or cost centre code, and have an ‘expense memo’ which describes the reason for travel
  • Custom Ride Policies: Create customizable ride policies that set when and where your employees can ride.
  •  Reporting: Create customizable trip reports that include the details you need to keep track of all trips taken with your company’s Uber for Business account
  • Account automation: Companies can automate uploading of employee lists and information that ensures only authorised employees have access to the Company U4B account
  •  Uber for Business was launched in India in December 2015, after a three month pilot that started in October and since then Uber For Business as a product has been growing at an incredible pace. Some of the largest Indian corporates have adopted it for their official employee travel. We have partnered with some of the biggest companies in the country across multiple sectors such as consulting, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, pharma etc. and are excited to offer their employees a reliable, convenient and economical ride.


“Uber for Business as a product has been growing at an incredible pace worldwide and we are delighted to have some of the largest Indian corporates adopt it for their employee travel. We have over 50,000 companies across the world using Uber for Business and it has proved to be a more affordable and efficient transportation option for them. Uber continues to innovate to make Uber for Business delightful for employees to use, and effortless for companies to administer” said Arjun Nohwar, APAC Head – Uber for Business.

Uber for Business was launched in the US, UK, France and Canada in July 2014. It offers an affordable and efficient transportation option for businesses and there are over 50,000 businesses that use Uber for Business worldwide for their mobility solutions.

How it works:

How it works For Businesses?

  • Administrators visit our signup page <http://www.uber.com/business
  • From there, they link the payment method of choice and add employees to the account
  • Once added, employees will automatically receive an email invitation to join their team or company Uber account
  • Managers or administrators can use the Uber for Business dashboard to set policies on usage, and monitor real-time trip information on official uber rides being taken by employees, and keep tabs on costs at a daily/weekly/monthly basis

How does it work For Employees?

  •   If you already use and love Uber, this option will pop up in your account once you’ve received an email invitation and verified your work email address
  • If you’re new to Uber, you’ll be able to easily create a new account by following the link in your email invitation
  • From there, all users will be able to easily switch between payment options, which means business travel is automatically expensed and personal trips stay personal


About Uber For Business

Uber for Business (U4B) is a transportation management platform that enables companies or teams to set up a corporate Uber account. The platform allows companies to set up a centralized or de-centralized billing system and has a travel dashboard that business administrators can use to manage budgets and enforce ride policies. For employees, it’s a new payment option in the same Uber app that ensures safe, reliable and easy to expense rides, across 450+ cities worldwide, simply at the push of a button.

For more information on Uber For Business:  https://www.uber.com/business/