The new age is here with the next level tech. The Auto industry is booming with new technology. Each year we can see the advancement. Hence we have Volvo coming up with the IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system. IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system is designed to provide a safe and seamless transition between traditional driving and autonomous driving. Volvo designed it to be simple and intuitive.

Intellisafe auo pilot system

The IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system mode is activated and deactivated with specially-designed paddles on the steering wheel. When entering a route where autonomous driving is available. Self-driving will be achievable after you input your destination in the navigation system, waiting for IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system to take over .The car gives the driver a message that the IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system is ready. At the same time, lights on the steering-wheel paddles start flashing.The driver pulls both paddles simultaneously to activate autonomous mode. The lights on the paddles then change to constant green and IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system confirms that the driving and the supervision has been delegated to the car.

IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system

The car’s instrument cluster will display how many minutes are left before reaching the destination but other animations as well. For example, when there’s an overtaking opportunity, you’ll be informed well ahead. The IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system being capable of doing all of it without your input.Once the timer reaches only one minute left on the trip, the driver is warned, allowing him to take over the controls of the car before it comes to a full stop. If you fail to do so, the Volvo XC90 will pull over all on itself. its smart by itself. even though it is in testing phase. The Volvo IntelliSafe Auto Pilot system looks promising.

The IntelliSafe Auto Pilot will debut on 100 Volvo XC90 prototypes. It will eventually be used on mainstream production models with autonomous driving technology. Volvo is previewing the interface for its self-driving cars, and wants to make sure it is as user friendly as possible. A huge leap by Volvo but will it be successful ? do let us know what are your views? and stay with us for any more updates on this.