WhatsApp has gained tremendous popularity over the past years becoming one of the most popular IM application. The minimalistic features, simplicity and reliability put it at the very top. WhatsApp group is one of the features that allow a group of people to freely share attachments and messages among themselves. Recently Whatsapp group members limit increased to 256. Let’s discuss how this may impact everyone.

Fans had feared that the recent acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook could lead to revamping changes that would push the users that use it for simplicity away, or scrape WhatsApp altogether and push the users into messenger. But all those concerns were unfounded. Although WhatsApp servers did take some hit after the acquisition it has stabilized since then. Recently WhatsApp announced that they hit the user base mark of 1 billion.

WhatsApp Increases Group members limit to 256
WhatsApp increased limit of Group members from 100 to 256


WhatsApp Group members limit increased to 256 from the earlier 100 in its latest update. 256 does seem like a very odd number of member limit. It could be a test to check how the users would respond to the change and accordingly increase or decrease the limit. Since a lot of businesses use WhatsApp groups to intercommunicate, it would be interesting to see how it is used. WhatsApp is free right now and it denies any plans to launch advertisements or monetize it. The app could charge for increasing the group members beyond 256.

Facebook certainly hasn’t interfered much with the workings of WhatsApp playing the safe card not changing much to the winning formula. But since they did shell out billions to acquire the IM app they would probably think about ways to profit from it. As for now WhatsApp groups have an increased member limit of 256.

What do you think about WhatsApp Group members limit increased to 256? Do you think an increased member limit was required? Leave all your thoughts in the comments below.