After a lot of speculation and waiting for the Xiaomi Mi5, fans can now rejoice as the phone is finally launched. Xiaomi took its own sweet time, almost a year and a half, since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4, its then flagship device, to launch its new flagship at MWC 2016.

Xiaomi seems to have nailed the balance of specs and price and this device is sure to be a huge hit in China and India. The phone is going to start retailing in China from March 1st and Hugo Barra made it clear that the next market to get the amazing Xiaomi Mi5 will be India.

Xiaomi, in its MWC presentation said that they are the 5th biggest Smartphone makers now and have the maximum market share in smartphones in China right now.

Xiaomi Mi5 has some brilliant top of the line specs, hence it was confidently launched by Barra alongside the devices from the Giants like Samsung and Lenovo.

Xiaomi Mi5 will be selling in 3 different variants.


Top model – Xiaomi Mi5 Pro

Snapdragon 820 SoC + 4GB RAM + 128GB INBUILT STORAGE + CURVED CERAMIC BACK = Rs 28,000 (approx.)

Other two variants :

Snapdragon 820 SoC + 4GB RAM + 64GB INBUILT STORAGE + CURVED GLASS BACK = Rs 24,000 (approx.)

Snapdragon 820 SoC + 3GB RAM + 32GB INBUILT STORAGE + CURVED GLASS BACK = Rs 21,000 (approx.)

The device has a 16MP rear camera, a 4MP front selfie camera, 3000mAh battery (Quick charge 3.0), NFC and 4G (VoLTE). Surprisingly the Xiaomi Mi5 Pro scored a 142,000 on the AnTuTu benchmark test according to Hugo Barra.  The Device will be sold in 3 main colors, White, black and Gold.

The specs are very interesting as the device is seemingly offering most of what is expected out of a 50-60k flagship device. Will the Xiaomi Mi5 break the Indian market like the Mi3 did? Only time will tell.