Many Xiaomi Mi5 leaked pictures have surfaced in the past few months and each set being different from the previous Xiaomi Mi5 leaked pictures. Though the latest Xiaomi Mi5 leaked pictures are intriguing as the frame seems to have taken a direct inspiration from the Apple iPhone 6/6s.

The Xiaomi Mi5 leaked pictures display a golden colored Mi5 chassis with rounded corners just like the iPhone 6s. It also sports a pair of antenna bands at the rear of the frame which too look like have been taken from Apple and HTC phones. The Bottom of the frame seen in the Xiaomi Mi5 leaked pictures also resembles the iPhone with respect to the placement of Speaker grill, charging port and headphone jack.

These are the pictures: (Courtesy Weibo)

xiaomi mi5 leak 1xiaomi mi5 leak 2xiaomi mi5 leak 3xiaomi mi5 leak

Xiaomi has been called out in the past too for being too “inspired” by Apple, so much so that there was almost a time when it had been given the tag of Apple of China.

Anyways, a phone goes under numerous designs before one is finalised, these Xiaomi Mi5 Leaked pics may just turn out to be one of those interim designs. To know for sure we would have to wait till 25th feb 2015, when the Xiaomi Mi5 will be launched in China.