The new Amazon Kindle 8th Gen 2016 has been available for a few months and this, alognside the Paperwhite is are the only Kindle models you can buy in a different color. This is the first time an entry level Kindle has been provided with this privilege.


The 8th Generation Kindle comes with a 6 inch e-Ink Pearl display. This display has a resolution of 800 X 600 and 167 PPI. It does not have a normal capacitive touchscreen, instead it employs what is called the Infrared Touch technology by Neonode. Pearl is somewhat outdated by modern conventions. This technology was first launched in the market in 2010. The only other e-reader which comes to mind when thinking about this tech is the Kobo Touch 2.0.


If you have an older Kindle Basic 7 which was launched not too long ago in 2014, the newer Amazon Kindle is quite an upgrade. It has 512 MB of RAM compared to 128MB on the earlier one. Also the internal storage has gotten a boost so with 4GB of storage you can now easily put it a thousand books in to the Amazon Kindle Basic 8. The newer version is also 30g lighter than the previous one and trust me, the different feels good for prolonged usage.

One of the biggest plus points for the Amazon Kindle 8 is the inclusion of Bluetooth. This is so users can take advantage of the new VoiceView technology. VoiceView for Kindle uses Amazon’s natural language text-to-speech voices (formerly known as IVONA) to let visually impaired customers read millions of Kindle books and navigate the Kindle via speech feedback. This feature is yet not available in the All New Kindle that one gets in India.

Overall I like the revamped design of the Amazon Kindle basic 8. But it does not have a lighted screen, so If you wish to read in the dark better get a case which has a light or keep the lamps on.

Software – Amazon Kindle Basic 8 2016


Earlier this year Amazon had pushed out a massive firmware update to their entire series of e-readers. The home screen has had a dramatic refresh and the entire user interface has been modernized.

Likely the feature I love the most is how the navigation bar has completely changed. It now gives you text underneath GoodReads and the Kindle bookstore, rather than just relying on icons. This is quite helpful for new users. There is also a quick settings button that you can turn off the wireless internet access or turn on/off features.

I believe Amazon is one of the best when it comes to the e-reader business especially in the department of content. Their bookstore has lots of content and everything is categorized very well.

E-Reading Experience – Amazon Kindle Basic 8 2016


Amazon is best when it comes to giving freedom on how you wish to consume your content on your device, in this case the Amazon Kindle Basic 8 2016. You can change the font size from approximately 8-point size to 36-point size. There are many fonts to choose from.

The Kindle gives you three different options to control the margins, which is i feel is more than enough. Kindle does not overwhelm its user with a multitude of customization and is quite simple to use. However if those customization are important to you, you might want to opt for a Kobo instead.

While reading a book you can swipe or tap to turn a page. If you hold down on a word you can define it with various downloadable dictionaries or translate it from one language to another using Microsoft Translate.

The one thing the Kindle 2016 cannot handle are PDF files. The resolution is poor and most text and images are washed out.


Double the RAM and Storage compared to the 2014 Kindle
Available in Black or White
Ember and Bookerly Font is great for reading
Thin and Light


Poor Resolution
Outdated Neonode Infrared Touch
NO SD Card
PDF Experience is Lackluster

Wrap Up – Amazon Kindle Basic 8 2016


I would recommend this e-reader to anyone who has never owned an e-reader before and does not wish to spend too much in buying one. The Amazon Kindle Basic 8 2016 can be bought off Amazon India for Rs 5,999 for both black and white models and during festive discounts can be picked up for a thousand rupees lesser. If you own the 2014 Kindle and wish to upgrade without paying too much, this is again a good choice to go for. It is thinner, lighter, has Bluetooth and has double the RAM and internal storage.

Value for money
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