Fujifim Instax Mini 70 follows the immensely popular cult camera, the Instax Mini 8. The Instax Mini 70 seems an upgraded model with many features that have been notched up with respect to the demands of present consumers.


For any occasion, ranging from your child’s birthday to a good trek into the mountains, the Instax Mini 70 can capture images at the click of one button and print them instantly for you to savor and pass around. No matter how popular digital imagery gets, printed pictures will always contain a warmth in them which we can not let go of. Nothing makes us happier than timely souvenirs of our special moments and this camera can do exactly that.

Ergonomics and Build Quality – Instax Mini 70

Instax Mini 70 has better aesthetics than its predecessor. It is designed with a sleeker body which is simpler than the retro look of the Mini 90 yet a bit more complex than the simple Mini 8.

So coming to the ergonomics, the front of the Instax Mini 70 has the viewfinder, below which is the shutter release button and next to it is the large flash module (You cannot miss it!). Then of course there is the huge lens itself which will pop out once the camera is switched on and on the lens module is a small selfie mirror to frame your selfies perfectly.


The top of the camera has a slot, this is where the print will come out from. Remember to not pull it out and let it come out on its own. Also do not click a picture before removing the print of a previous one from the slot.


Turn the camera around and the back of the camera reminds you of the film cameras you might have handled a couple of decades ago. Beneath this huge flat surface is the slot where the film goes in. The viewfinder sits at the right side (and thus can be a little misleading in framing the pictures in portrait mode) and next to it is the small LCD screen which tells you how many pictures are left in the current cartridge, which mode is on and if a timer is being used or not. Next to the screen are 3 control buttons for controlling the modes, the timer and the selfie mode respectively.
The left side of the camera has a small slider button with “film” written on it. Slide it to open the compartment where the film cartridge is to be placed.


One of the fun features of the Instax Mini 70 which our generation will come to love is its Selfie Mode. Thanks to the Selfie Mirror, located at the side of the lens on the front of the camera,next to the lens, one can easily click memorable selfies with their loved ones at special occasions or special places.


The camera seems to hold well considering it is completely made of a plastic body. I am sure it can withstand a small tumble but do secure it around your neck or hand with a strap. Something which i found really thoughtful from Fujifilm was to include a tripod mount at the bottom of the camera. But the tripod mount is meant only for portrait mode (Shucks).


Modes – Instax Mini 70

The Sleek and modern Instax Mini 70 allows for better image quality especially in dark conditions thanks to its Automatic Exposure Control and its Hi-Key mode. The Hi-key mode if used correctly in low light conditions can give some really bright subjects and good skin tones.

I found the selfie-mode on the Instax Mini 70 to be quite easy to use. Choose the selfie mode and press the shutter button while positioning your self in the selfie mirror and the camera will quickly adjust the focal length and brightness for the self portraits. The Instax Mini 70 also comes with built-in timer so that you can put the camera on a tripod and quickly get into the frame yourself.


Another plus for this instant camera comes in the form of its high performance flash. Instax Mini 70’s Flash automatically adjusts itself w.r.t. the surrounding brightness and cranks the shutter speed as per need.

One of the problems people have to face with instant cameras is taking pictures with back lit areas can be a pain, like at the beach, or against a glorious sunset. The Instax Mini 70 ‘s Fill-in Flash feature comes handy in such situations as it allows you to click a person against a bright background effortlessly. Keeping in mind that the cartridges aren’t too cheap, you’d like to make every shot count.


Some other modes on the Instax Mini 70 are a Macro mode for close-up shots & a much-needed Landscape mode for wider views or objects far away. While using the Macro mode one can get clear and sharp pictures as close up as 30-60 cms and while using the Landscape view you can manage a balanced picture from a distance of 3 mts or more.

Our Experience – Instax Mini 70

We took the camera out on several diverse outings varying from a quick workout in the park, to a marriage ceremony and even to a little trek into the mountains close by. The camera performed better than we had expected in all conditions. This surely is the best teenage-cum-hipster camera for all those who like to cherish physical film photographs and put them up in their rooms or at their desks. It is a complete joy to click with this camera. Also, it is quite the attention gainer at public places where people around me often came up to me to ask about the bright yellow camera in my hand which was giving out instant magic pictures!


Though it would have been very nice if Fujifilm had added some sort of photo holder for the photos that are printed, I found it annoying to handle so many printed pictures and had to keep stuffing them into my pocket.

The Instax Mini 70 roughly weighs just 225 gms and is quite a portable camera at just 3.25” x 4.5” x 7”.  It can easily fit in your handbag or a jacket pocket. Fuji has launched this camera in 3 exciting colors – Blue, White and Yellow.


  • Small and portable
  • Fun – even Addictive!
  • Selfie mode
  • High Key mode
  • Instant mementos
  • Amazing light and flash blending ability



  • Awkward shutter release button placement
  • Fully automatic operation only
  • Uses smaller Instax film size
  • Film is pricey for volume shooters
  • CR2 batteries aren’t common
  • View finder can be misleading for framing


So this camera is all sorts of fun, but that is all there is to it. Selfies with friends, psuedo-lomo pictures and memorabilia is what this camera can provide you. If you want to take your photography skill up a notch then try the Mini 90. But if you’re not so much into photography and simply wanna have fun and enjoy clicking some cool and fun photographs to put up in your room, this is what you need! Also, makes for a really cool (and inexpensive) gift for friends and family.

*NOTE*: This is a purely analog camera, there are no slots for microSD/SD cards or any ports to connect to a PC.


COST: You can get your hands on the Instax Mini 70 on Amazon.in for Rs. 8,495 and on Flipkart for Rs. 8,999.

Techincal Specs Instax Mini 70 Instant Film Camera:

  • Instant film camera
  • Produces instant credit-card-sized photos (image size: 6.2 cm x 4.6 cm)
  • Film development time:  approx. 60- 90 seconds
  • Automatic Exposure Control
  • Hi-key mode for brighter subjects (+2/3 EV exposure compensation)
  • Selfie mode
  • Selfie mirror to check your framing
  • Self-timer mode (approx. 10 second delay) with multiple shots option
  • High-performance flash  (charging time approx. 0.2 to 7 seconds, flash range approx. 0.3 to 2.7 meters)
  • Fill-in flash mode
  • Motor driven focusing
  • Macro mode:  close-ups from 30 to 60 cm away
  • Landscape mode:  for wider scenes from 3 meters away to infinity
  • Normal mode:  60 cm to 3 meters
  • Lens:  retractable lens, 2 components, 2 elements, f=60mm, 1:12.7
  • Viewfinder:  real image finder, 0.37x, with target spot
  • Shutter speed:  programmed electronic shutter release, 1/2 second to 1/400 second
  • Exposure control:  automatic, interlocking range (ISO 800), LV 5 to LV 15.5
  • Tripod socket
  • Uses Instax Mini Instant Color Film
  • 2x CR2 lithium batteries
  • Wrist Strap
  • Dimensions:  approx.  3.25” x 4.5” x 7”
  • Weight:  approx.  225 gms
  • Colors:  Blue, white, or yellow
Ease to Use
Build Quality
Fun Quotient
Image Quality
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