We were quite excited to receive this quaint little printer from Fujifilm India. The Instax Share SP-1 is smaller than your regular paperback and is certainly bag friendly, if not pocket friendly (Unless you have really big pockets!). Photographers are always on a lookout for ways to quickly get their pictures printed especially the new generation of iPhone-clickers who display their photography mainly on Instagram. The Instax Share SP-1 is here to take those woes away.


So you can use the Instax Share SP-1 printer to wirelessly print photos from your smartphone or tablet in a matter of seconds on Instax film!

Basics – Instax Share SP-1 Printer



The Instax Share SP-1 is smaller than your average paperback and highly portable device. It measures a fascinating 4×1.7×4.8 inches and weighs around 250 gms!


You cannot really stuff it in to your pockets (maybe a coat jacket though) yet you can easily carry it around in a camera bag or a ladies purse.


It works on batteries so there is no issue of it not working in remote areas, say on a trek or a trip where electricity is scarce.



The Instax Share SP-1 printer uses Fujifilm Instax mini Instant Color Film. These are quite standard with Fuji instant cameras and this is the same film which is used in Mini 8 or Mini 70. As the box of the film reads, the print along with the border is “about the size of a credit card”. Keep in mind that the printer does not retail with film incuded. You will have to buy it separately from Amazon.in where it sells for Rs 990 for a pack of 20 Sheets.



The Instax Share SP-1 printer just like the Mini 70 is powered by 2x CR2 batteries. These are included in the box. These batteries are not the best ones out there and had gone out of trend a decade back. They are expensive to buy and hard to get at your average camera store. So do invest in a set of rechargeable batteries or use a power converter to print your photos (One is not included in the box).


On the other hand the advantage with Instax Share SP-1 having these batteries is that then you can use the printer totally wirelessly, be it at a beach, on the peak of a mountain or in your car while on a road trip. Extremely portable, amazingly cool!


The Instax Share SP-1 printer syncs with your smartphone/tab using the Instax SHARE app which is present on AppStore and on Playstore. The App is free of charge and can run on Android 2.3.3 or later and on iOS 5.1 or later. Please make sure which software is running on your device before purchasing the Instax Share SP-1 printer.

Ease of Use – Instax Share SP-1

This is what scores extra brownie points for Instax Share SP-1. This printer is super-easy to set up and anyone who uses smartphones or such devices can easily use this printer without hassles.


The Instax Share SP-1 setting up was easy and quick. Just take it out from the box, pop in the batteries and the film and hit the power button. The inside of the printer and the back of the Instax film cartridge having a yellow strip to match to make sure you know you are inserting the cartridge the right way.

Now all one has to do is to download the Instax Share app and open it. Now as you open the app you’ll see that you need to connect the printer to the phone, the printer name “INSTAX xx12345xx will start showing automatically in your Wi-Fi networks just like your regular Wi-Fi network. I made a connection in first try which was really good. Also refer to the paper instructions in the box for password, and you’re all done.


Once the printer is paired with your device you do not have to carry out this process every-time. It will connect to your phone automatically from then onward.


So now Instax Share SP-1 is paired with smartphone and it is time to print a photo! The app has various options from where one can print pictures. The app can enter your gallery and a photo can be chosen from there. You also have the option to open the camera and click a picture right then. Also, Fuji has added the feature where you can open a picture directly from Facebook or Instagram to print.

One the picture is selected you have multiple options to edit the picture and add filters etc. Once that is done just hit the “print” button and the photo starts printing from the Instax Share SP-1.

The picture comes out in less than 10 seconds and it can take from a minute to 2-3 minutes for the picture to get its optimum colors. No extra process is required, the picture develops on its own. The printing app has been made quite user friendly by Fujifilm. It remembers the photos that you have already printed so that you do not double-print any photo.


There is a physical “Reprint” button which when pressed prints another copy of the last printed picture, useful if one picture has to be printed multiple times. The app also shows how many prints are left in the cartridge and once the films are used up a pop up asks you to change the cartridge.

For photographers who want better quality printed images than their smartphones can click, just transfer your DSLR clicked pics to your smartphone and you can print those on Instax film in a jiffy too! Also multiple devices can be connected to the same printer but they it should be noted that multiple commands not be sent simultaneously.

The Prints – Instax Share SP-1


Using the Instax Share SP-1 we printed a total of 10 shots, and were quite happy with the color rendition in all of them. The Intelligent-fix filter has a tendency of making pictures over exposed but not to the limit where one the picture might lose its appeal. We still think that it is best to edit the shots in a separate photo editing software and then print it using the Instax Share SP-1 printer. Overall, colors came out very well, a fine balance between white balance, saturation and contrast was present. Left us satisfied. But do take notice that the sharpness is not the same as your regular 4×6″ or 5×7″ prints but then I guess that adds to that whole instant photo charm, something we loved when the earliest of Polaroids had hit the Indian shore.

PROS of Instax Share SP-1

  • Framing is tough in Instax cameras, not so here
  • Super portable
  • Party hit!
  • Instantly get pics
  • Better quality images than Instax Camera (as you can use better gear)
  • Instax Share app with added benefits


CONS of Instax Share SP-1

  • Missing out on Analog shooting
  • Expensive
  • CR2 batteries not readily available


Conclusion – Instax Share SP-1

This is surely not a substitute of regular printed pictures which one can store and save in albums or on canvasses but it is a super fun device to make your special moments even better.


Events like family vacations or a trekking trip with friends will be so much better and more memorable if the pictures turn up on your wall rather than a folder in your computer. The Instax Share SP-1 is a buy that will make you happy and will add a fun element to life. If you like to have physical photos for memories but do not want to buy a instant camera, the Instax Share SP-1 is your best bet!


Cost – Instax Share SP-1

The Instax Share SP-1 is readily available on Flipkart and Amazon India for Rs 13,999.

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Ease of Use
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