Kingston Technology’s HyperX division has been around since 2002 and impressing enthusiasts and system builders since its inception. Their HyperX DDR3 memory line includes the Genesis, PnP (plug and Play), LoVo (Low-Voltage), Predator, Fury, Beast, and H20 series. They have recently released a new series of DDR3L modules.


The HyperX Fury memory has become quite popular since they were released. The DDR3L version continues to offer many of the same features. They are available with black medium profile aluminum heat spreaders and black printed circuit boards. New for the DDR3L platform has an automatic overclocking feature. This is something that is sure to get the attention of many enthusiasts.

HyperX take on the Fury 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3L 1866MHz Memory Kit

Automatic overclocking for Z97 platforms.

HyperX FURY DDR3 memory automatically overclocks up to 1866MHz for hassle-free, plug-and-play functionality that gets you in the game faster and instant top-level performance that helps you win it. With voltages as low as 1.35V, it draws less power and generates less heat, while supporting Intel’s new 100 Series chipset. Its asymmetric, aggressive design lets you stand out from the crowd of “squared” designs and features quality aluminum and a diamond-cut finish. It’s available in black, blue, white and red with a black PCB to match the latest color schemes of motherboards, cases and other components.

  • Automatic overclocking up to 1866MHz
  • Voltages start as low as 1.35V
  • Asymmetric, aggressive heat spreader design
  • Available in multiple colors with a black PCB

Packaging and Specifications

The HyperX Fury is packaged in a simple plastic tray with a clear lid. The memory is partially visible visible. There is also a label denoting which modules are included in the package.

The modules sit in grooved slots in the tray. The packaging is reusable.


  • CL(IDD) 10 cycles
  • Row Cycle Time (tRCmin) 44.75ns (min.)
  • Refresh to Active/Refresh 260ns (min.)
  • Command Time (tRFCmin) Row Active Time (tRASmin) 32.125ns (min.)
  • Maximum Operating Power TBD W*
  • UL Rating 94 V – 0 Operating Temperature 0o C to 85o C
  • Storage Temperature -55o C to +100o C

*Power will vary depending on the SDRAM used.


  • JEDEC standard 1.35V and 1.5V Power Supply
  • VDDQ = 1.35V and 1.5V
  • 933MHz fCK for 1866Mb/sec/pin
  • 8 independent internal bank
  • Programmable CAS Latency: 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6
  • Programmable Additive Latency: 0, CL – 2, or CL – 1 clock
  • 8-bit pre-fetch
  • Burst Length: 8 (Interleave without any limit, sequential with starting address “000” only), 4 with tCCD = 4 which does not allow seamless read or write [either on the fly using A12 or MRS]
  • Bi-directional Differential Data Strobe
  • Internal(self) calibration : Internal self calibration through ZQ pin (RZQ : 240 ohm ± 1%)
  • On Die Termination using ODT pin
  • Average Refresh Period 7.8us at lower than TCASE 85°C, 3.9us at 85°C < TCASE ≤ 95°C
  • Asynchronous Reset
  • Height 1.291” (32.80mm) w/heatsink, single sided component HX318LC11FBK2/16 16GB (8GB 1G x 64-Bit x 2 pcs.) DDR3L-1866 CL11 240-Pin DIMM Kit

A Closer Look

The HyperX Fury white RAM features a smooth semi-gloss black finish, with machined accents and white printing. The entire HyperX Fury series also feature black PCB’s.


The more modern cosmetics of the HyperX Fury are quite evident. HyperX chose not to go overboard with them though, allowing for a broader appeal. At 32.24mm high, they should be able to clear most aftermarket coolers.

HyperX attaches a label to each memory module that contains the specific information regarding that exact module, with the exception of the timing values.

System Configuration and Installation

Testing Setup

Testing Hardware

  • ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac Motherboard
  • Intel Core i7 4790K Processor
  • HyperX Fury 16GB 1866MHz DDR3L Memory
  • Patriot Ignite 960GB Solid State Drive
  • PowerColor Radeon R9 285 TurboDuo Graphics Card

Testing Software:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  • AIDA64 Engineer Edition
  • Passmark Performance Test
  • SiSoft Sandra
  • 7-Zip
  • Super Pi Modded 1.5
  • Fritz Chess
  • Unigine Heaven
  • 3DMark – Firestrike

Performance Testing

AIDA64 Engineer Edition

In this test the HyperX Fury DDR3L RAM performs okay, nothing to boast about. The Savage, Beast etc from Kingston perform much better on this test. The Patriot Viper 4 or the Trident Z are in a different league altogether. The read and write speeds on the DDR3L RAM are between 27000-29000 MB/s. However it shiens in Memory latency with a score of 53.2.

Passmark Performance Test – Memory Mark – Threaded

Scores a satisfactory 25673 here, which though is below most of its competition’s score when comparing with DDR4s in the market but is way higher as compared to the 1333- 1600 Mhz RAMs in the same price slab.


We ran multiple benchmarks on the Kingston HYPERX Fury DDR3L RAM and got satisfactory results. The module performs well and is optimum for medium to heavy gaming. It is however notable that with the arrival of DDR4 RAMs the game has totally been pushed to a new level and the older DDR3 RAMs are trying hard to compete with them.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

DDR3L is a bit of a niche product as per us. If you are building a Haswell or AMD based system and looking for some additional power savings, DDR3L is worth looking into. You do need to check the motherboard specifications to make sure DDR3L is an option though. The ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac motherboard we used here had no issues. If you are building a Skylake system, than utilizing DDR4 is more than likely the better choice from a price to performance perspective.

The HyperX Fury 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3L 1866MHz memory kit is a fantastic offering from HyperX. There is more 333MHz to be had without needing to add additional voltage just by fine tuning the timings yourself.


The combination of semi-gloss black with, black PCB, machined accents, and white lettering really make the HyperX Fury a stand out. At 32.24mm tall, the modules are not overly tall and should clear most aftermarket air coolers.

Value for Money
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