Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has made a name for itself in India in the past year or two. It has successfully managed to market its powerful yet pocket-friendly smartphones, Power Banks, LED lights and other products to its Indian consumers. Today we are reviewing the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker which comes with a price tag of Rs 1999.

Last week Xiaomi launched the much awaited Redmi Note in India, which is already being called an “Under Rs 20k flagship device” and yet is only priced at Rs 11999 for its high end version. Two more gadgets were launched by Xiaomi at the same event- Mi Bluetooth speaker, which will go on sale later this month, and the new 20000 mAh Mi Powerbank.

We’ve got this Mi Bluetooth Speaker review for you to be able to decide if you should buy it when it goes on sale!

Whats in the box


The box comes with:

  1. Speaker
  2. User Manual
  3. Cover for Speaker
soft case for the Speaker with Mi branding
soft case for the Speaker with Mi branding

Design – Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Mi Bluetooth speaker has a bar form factor and a surprisingly compact design for a device which has two speakers inbuilt inside it. The Speakers are encased in a brushed aluminum body which gives it quite a premium feel (Yes, the way you feel when you touch a MacBook). Going by the design one might even confuse it for a power bank were it not for the grill on the front side.


Hugo Barra told us at the launch event that the timing of bringing out the Speakers to Indian market is crucial as they wanted to launch it around Holi as the speakers themselves will be coming in a plethora of colors. The speaker is firm, if somewhat a bit heavy for its portability per se. But, it feels great sitting on your work/home desk with its minimalist design and simple yet sleek looks.


With a weight of 270gms and dimensions of 168×24.5x58mm, the speaker is quite compact for one housing dual speakers and you would want to carry it around on a family trip or a weekend getaway.

Ports and connectivity – Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

With Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity of the Mi Bluetooth Speaker, one can wirelessly connect it to a smartphone or tablet (Or laptop, if you’re one of those folks).


We paired it with Zenfone Zoom, Mi3, One Plus Two and a few other devices and faced no issues in streaming music from our music library or Saavn. You can use the device from a distance of 15 mts seamlessly.


There is an AUX-in port if you don’t (or can’t) want to go with the hustle of pairing your phone to the speaker.

The Bluetooth pairing button, power and volume buttons are placed on the right side, while the left side of the speaker houses the aux in, mic and USB port.

Xiaomi, going with the market demand, has even thrown in a built-in mic that allows you to make and receive calls wirelessly when connected to a smartphone. Seemed to work good with the few calls that we picked/made using the device.

Audio quality – Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Coming on to the audio performance, the Mi Bluetooth speaker offers a crisp and clear sound keeping its compact design in mind. The speakers have a good balance between treble and bass and even at full volume (of EDM tracks) we heard no distortion in the sound quality. We tried all sorts of genres of songs from Pop, rock, heavy metal to Sufi and Jazz and were satisfied with the output. The speakers are a great on for a small house party or a picnic with the family. The bass is a little less than what bassiophiles would love but hey, how many of us share that love for bass anyways.


Due to the fact that the body of the speaker houses two small and separate speakers inside, the speaker vibrates heavily on bass heavy tracks or even at full volume but the heavy and solid metallic build of the device ensures its does not move from its place on a table (we tried both, glass and wooden tables).

Battery – Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker comes with a juicy 1500mAh battery unit, which as per Xiaomi, allows a music playback time of 8 hours on a full charge.


Our unit was bantering wirelessly for around 5 hours (after which I had better things to do) and the speaker still had juice left to go on and on. Long pressing the Bluetooth pair button will give you and update on how much battery is left.

Likes – Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Mi Bluetooth speaker offers a premium design with a solid build and the sound (especially acoustics) stay pure even at the full volume. Moreover thanks to the built-in mic, you can easily make and receive phone calls.

Dislikes – Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

The international version of this speaker comes with a microSD card slot feature, which would have been a cherry on the top, but is missing from the Indian variant (No cherries for us Indians -_-). A little hefty to be as portable as to be carried in a pocket. Also, Xiaomi decided against giving a MicroUSB cable for charging in the box, not cool.

Verdict – Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

At Rs 1999, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker is a definitely a great value for money product. It has an amazing premium feel to it and impresses one with the audio performance. Buy it, make it your desk portable music speaker and show it off to your colleagues.


  • Niladri Dasgupta

    Does the sound crack when exposed to high volume/bass or does it only limited to the vibration you described above?

    • Aayush Panwar

      No the sound doesn’t crack, we would be posting a video review soon. Stay tuned for that