If you own any Macbook or a modern day laptop like me, you know there aren’t many USB ports on them. For my 2015 Macbook pro-Retina, there are only 2 port all in all. Often one needs more than two USB ports to get their work done. So what seems the most prominent solution? Buying a USB hub.

But buying a USB hubs seem pretty simple as compared to buying a new Graphic card or RAM but in reality, it is not. There are tons of cheap, useless and low quality products in the market and they will fail you in the long run.


What we have  today is a USB Hub from an Indian brand known as Quantum Zero. This USB hub is quite nice and sturdy and moreover is far cheaper than others. The company was nice enough to send us a review unit for the USB HUB and I have been using vigorously for more than a month now. This is our review of the Quantum Zero USB HUB.


The Quantum Zero US hub comes in a pretty standard design and nothing too fancy over here. The shape of the HUB is rectangular and this box like structure easily sits at the base of your monitor and even blends in with it. It iss made of a hard and sturdy plastic that won’t easily break or crack even if you drop it a few times, believe me, i dropped it a couple of time (by mistake!). Over at the top, there are 4 blue indication LED lights that light up when a device is connected to a corresponding port.


At the front face of the device, there are 4 USB 3.0 Ports, all of which can be used simultaneously sans any problems. At the rear face of the hub, there are ports for the power adapter and USB 3.0 cable that would connect to your computer.

Quantum Zero has provided a decently long USB 3.0 cable to connect it to the back of a computer. The AC to DC adapter provided is also well built and is of good quality. I have been running the USB Hub for 4-8 hrs daily and the adapter worked perfectly along with the USB hub with no hiccups at all.


The Quantum Zero USB  hub is a powered USB 3.0 Hub, thus, it can run multiple hard drives at the same time. They are using a VL812 Rev B2 Chipset to achieve speeds up to 5 Gbps on the USB hub. It supports all USB 3.0 standard functions, like plug and play, hot-swap etc. I was able to charge multiple phones at the same time using this USB HUB, this is again a good alternative use and you don’t need your computer to be turned on for it.


To achieve maximum performance and support for multiple hard drives what Quantum Zero has done in this hub is that they have combined the current from both the computer and the power adapter to give a total output current of 3.4A at 900 mA. There is a built-in surge protector inside to protect the devices that are connected to it.


The performance is fantastic for the rock bottom price of the device! Running 3 external HDD at the same time is actually a big deal and the device worked perfectly. It can support up to 5Gbps or 640 MBps transfer speed if you connect a USB C SSD to it.


Though there were some small problems while connecting 2.4 GHz devices such as my Rapoo Keyboard and mouse combo. Sometimes the signal would break and the devices would stop working but as mentioned on Quantum Zero’s Website this is due to frequency interference with the USB 3.0 Port and wireless devices so it might not be entirely their fault.

All in all this is one the best USB hubs that you can buy right now, the counterpart from Transcend is costing twice the price of this one giving very similar results. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is looking for a USB hub for their computer.