Gigabyte Ethernet ports have begun vanishing from notebooks nowadays. None of Apple’s current generation MacBooks comes with it. The RJ45 port is too big and takes a lot of space in the notebook which manufacturer don’t line. Sure you can use wifi with almost any modern gadget out there but there are some times when you need a dedicated connection or just need more speed. What we have today fixes that without making a hole in the pocket.

Quantum Zero QZAD02 USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter Review

Quantum Zero Ethernet Adapter


What’s in the BOX

QuantumZero QZAD02 Inside Box

The Box is basic and nothing fancy here. It’s made out of Recyclable cardboard and opens up with a flap. Inside there is the USB to Ethernet dongle itself, a usage manual/ Welcome Guide with the model number being mentioned as QZAD02., a Driver CD and a feedback card.


QuantumZero QZAD02 Box2

This is a pretty standard but well-built USB to Ethernet adapter.One one side it has the standard RJ45 Port while on the other is the faster USB 3.0 Type A jack. On the inside it’s using ASIX AX88179 Ethernet controller which is the world first USB 3.0 to Gigabyte ethernet controller and supports speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

QuantumZero USB to Ethernet

It also supports full duplex operations FDX with IEEE 802.3x flow control and half-duplex operation HDX with back-pressure control. You can even use features such as WOL( Wake on Lan ) with this controller plugged into your computer. Quantum Zero even includes an 18-month warranty with this product, so it anything fails they are there to fix it.

Design and Build

QuantumZero QZAD02 Box

The body is made out of hard plastic casing with a glossy finish on the front along with some branding. The QZAD02 comes with an RJ 45 port on one side and a USB 3.0 Type A on the other. It can be used with speed up to 5 Gbps on a LAN. The cable on the QZAD02 is thick and well built, it doesn’t feel like that it would break pretty easily.

There is an indicator LED on the Top under the plastic which lights up depending upon the scenario.

RED: When the Ethernet Adapter is connected and data is being transferred via USB port.

Green: When the Data is transferred from ethernet to USB

Blue: On a successful Data Connection.



I was using the Quantum Zero QZAD02 with a Macbook pro, at first, it did not work out of the box. But once the drivers from ASIX website were downloaded then it worked flawlessly after a quick reboot. You can plug the ethernet cable on one end and get the internet working with the QZAD02 instantly.

Overall it’s a great alternative for the Apple branded Ethernet Adapter. It works great even with MAC and the ASIX website has drivers for almost every operating system. Overall it’s a well-built hardware from Quantum Zero.

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