If you recently got a brand new smartphone and are looking ways to pimp it up or just find a good way to protect your device, then one thing that comes in mind is skins. Sure you can add a case to your device, but that takes out the aesthetics and feel of the device in hand. The only other way around is to grab your self a skin.What I have with me is a brand new skin from a lesser known brand called Skin4gadget. They make skins and cases for various devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

If carbon fibre is not what you want you can choose from several different finish styles that are available at their website.Taking a look at the skin, it does improve the look of the OnePlus 2. It would have been great if they have included cutouts for the branding too. Even on the Macbook Pro Skin, the didn’t actually cut out for the Apple logo but they just cut out a circle around it to show the Apple Logo. Some might complain about this like me, while there are may other for whom this would do just fine.

The skin Fits perfectly on the back of the device and you can install it pretty easily taking your time. The cutouts align precisely around the camera and the whole back of the device.If you are installing skins for the first time, take your time to align it and do wipe clean the surface before you begin. The skin might not bend and stick on the rounded edges but with a little heating from a hair dryer, it fits perfectly.


The material quality is top notch and it does not add any bulk to the device nor does it come off while taking the phone out and inside of the pocket.

For the price of just RS 299 is a great skin. You can visit their website for more, they are currently offering 50% discount on some of their products so make sure you use the coupon code SALE50.

Anyway, guys, this was our review of the Carbon Fiber Skin for the OnePlus 2 and for the Giveaway we have Skin4Gadget Black Carbon Fiber Skin for the MacBookPro. So if you have a non-retina Macbook Pro with you and want to get a free skin, make sure you enter the contest. 

Giveaway Rules and Contest

We are giving away 1X Carbon Fiber Skin for Macbook Pro from Skin4Gadget.

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The winner would be announced on January 30, 2016, so stay tuned for that. Hope you liked our review. If you have any doubts then leave them down bellow in the Comments.