Everyone carries a smartphone these days but the problem is even though smartphones are getting smarter day by day or year by year as some of you might say, there is one department where innovation practically stopped almost a decade ago. You guessed it right we are talking about the battery department. Gone are days of a swappable battery (except the g5 of course, kudos LG) and battery life of any device isn’t going to improve over time either. To solve these problems a simple solution came into the market i.e power banks.

TP-link 2600mAh power bank review
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A power bank is portable battery mostly pocket-able and can be used to charge any device via the provided data cable. Power banks come in various sizes, shapes, colors and most importantly different capacities.

There are some power banks which have a huge capacity like Xiaomi 20,000 mAh one we reviewed recently and there are others like the one which we are reviewing today i.e TP link power bank which can hold only 2600mAh of juice.
well, some might be wondering that what’s the use of a power bank whose capacity is possibly lesser than the smartphone it is supposed to charge ?

I was faced with the same question myself when we got the review unit but decided to give it a shot and after using it for a while there’s one thing that I can say with confidence is that GOOD things come in small packages.


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The best thing about tp-link 2600mAh power bank is its compact design, it is in the shape of a cylinder and is fairly light weight.
holding it for the first time it gives an impression of solid material and practical design.

mini power banks like these are generally used for a quick emergency charge or two, therefore, their foremost priority is to be as portable as possible and this power bank is spot on.
the diamond cut design towards the top houses the power switch and the led indicator and looks elegant.

Charging Speeds

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TP-link 2600mAH power bank takes up to 1.5 hours to get to a full charge but on a regular use we found that it discharges at an exponential rate. The power output is sadly limited to 1Amp. so no fast charge compatibility. This power bank is compatible with both Android and iOS devices but doesn’t expect it to charge up tablets or phablets. It is best suitable for charging small gadgets like Bluetooth speakers or smartwatches. The only problem I faced with TP link power bank was that it’s battery holding capacity deteriorated over time. So after our test period of about a week, we found that the power bank was discharging on its own with 6-7 hours of being unplugged after a full charge.

Test Notes

TP-link has done a nice job with this 2600 mAh power bank. The product clearly knows its focus and does its job well. The downside to it is the price tag, at 799 INR you can get  much better and higher capacity power banks from companies like Xiaomi  and even Portronics.
Only go for this power bank if you want an extremely handy battery pack which can save your smartphone in case your battery ditches you at the wrong time of the day.

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If you have any queries about the TP-link 2600mAh power bank, do let us know in the comments and we will answer them right away. Also do let us know what you feel about this product in the comments section right below.