The problem with smartphones of these days is that they are too damn pretty. Although that should not be an issue but protecting these devices is an issue that troubles every smartphone owner of 2015. The problem with protective cases is that they add too much bulk to your device and you have to compromise the look and feel of it in order to make sure it lasts you long enough to make it worth the money.

Urban Armor Gear have come up with a series of cases for smartphones that are not only lightweight and help retain the look and feel of the device but also offer military grade protection( MIL-STD-810G 516.6) for your smartphone,

In this test, a device is dropped from a height of four feet – the typical fall for a device dropped while using it – a total of 26 times.

Look and feel

The case looks like it was designed to b taken into the battlefield, but the most surprising element of the case is it’s weight. The case is featherlight.
we don’t know Urban Armor Gear managed to make a case that is so protective yet so thin and lightweight.
The case will add a little bulk to your smartphone but it is far less when compared to other cases like otter box.
Urban Armor Gear cases are available in several colors and two variants the transparent one and opaque solid colored one.

We recommend buying the solid opaque variant because it has a full TPU lining at the back wich is missing in transparent variants also the side rubber lining of transparent variants tends to come off after about 10-15 days of regular use, however there is no such issue in solid opaque variant of Urban Armor Gear cases.


Although I couldn’t perform a dedicated drop test over the course of our testing period of about 1 month I dropped my iPhone 6 several times from various heights and the device was safe without even a single scratch or dent on its surface.
The Urban Armor Gear cases are meant for protecting your device and they do their job really well and that by keeping things on the lighter side.
The case does get scratched from everyday things like coins and keys but those scratches are only visible under direct light or when under keen observation.

Test notes and Conclusion

Urban Armor Gear cases are not for the style-conscious, neither the company intends to make a leather luxury case or something like that. They are meant to protect your phone and they do that without doubt.
The feel of the cases is rubbery and a little stiff so taking out your phone or inserting it back takes a little practice and technique.
Urban Armor Gear cases a designed well, and a well-designed case means that you can access all the ports without any problem and use any pair of headphones without the case coming in your way.

The case is a little expensive here in India but the protection offered is worth the money, you can buy the case from or order it directly from Urban Armor Gear’s website. If you choose the latter option you will have to wait as international shipping can take up to 14-21 days depending on where you live.

If you have any queries leave them down in the comments, stay tuned for reviews, tips and tricks.