Leaf Wearables, India’s leading wearable technology company and ZIVEG, India’s largest Silver Jewellery brand online have come together to launch the first line of ZIVEG SAFER SMART JEWELLERY. In a revolution of its kind, it is an intersection of fashion and technology. The ZIVEG SAFER Smart Jewellery is a catalog of 8 designs that accommodates the technological features of SAFER with the design engineering from ZIVEG. It comes with many captivating features for modern urban women.

SAFER, a smart device that keeps you safe and connected which was launched by Leaf Wearables last month can now fit inside ZIVEG’s jewellery. In case of any emergency SAFER triggers an alarm which sends your real time location to your predefined set of guardians.


Ziveg set us a nice and suave bracelet so let us go ahead with the Ziveg Safer Smart Jewellery review :

In the Box: Ziveg Safer Smart Jewellery

Bracelet, microUSB charging cable, bluetooth device, keychain and Instructions Manual
Bracelet, microUSB charging cable, bluetooth device, keychain and Instructions Manual




Ziveg has gone the extra mile to create the perfect combination of technology and fashion. One can keep safe and yet be fashionable at the same time. Once the bracelet is clasped on the wrist, you can not make out the tracker inside it which is a good thing.



The device is sturdy and of good material. The bluetooth device inside can easily run a few days on a single charge. Recharging would depend on your usage. The material used to make the strap is great and does not irritate the skin upon wearing it for a few hours.

Set Up:


Its is fairly simple to set up. Just download the Safer app from the Playstore here and connect the small module using bluetooth to your smartphone.

Open the app and connect your device step by step as asked in the app (fairly simple) and you have to sync the SAFER account with either Facebook or with Google account and you are good to go. The app teaches you how to use the various features.


These are some of the security features of Ziveg Safer Smart Jewellery :
1. SOS
You can send an alert with location to your guardians when you feel you are in danger by double clicking your SAFER Smart Jewellery and they will know about your whereabouts when you need their help. They can then navigate you on the maps and reach you in time to help you.

The feature worked perfectly fine, tried a couple of times. Just one glitch, by the time a guardian could reach the place you might have moved from there and that could spoil it all, nonetheless its a great feature as with 2 simple clicks one can atleast send a SOS to the near and dear ones.

2. SaferWalk
Enter your destination so your selected Guardians (friends and family) can see your progress real-time till you reach safely. SaferWalk will share your real time location and will enable the guardians to track your real time location via GPS. So if you are one of those women who have to work late or night shifts, this is a perfect solution as your guardians can make sure you are safe and on the right path (they can even use it to track you if you have gone astray of the path you were supposed to be taken, perhaps in a morbid situation). Worked great for me, the device seemed to be sending my realtime path and location to my guardians.

3. Notifications
You can adjust the settings on your SAFER app to get sound notifications so you never miss an important call, message, email or notification from people who matter the most. Works fine, would have been better had there been vibration too, do not want the device beeping all the time, attracts too much attention.

4. Selfie
In this option, a built in camera app of the SAFER app opens up and you can use your smart bluetooth device to click once and capture a photo. Though i must say the picture is clicked almost after a second of pressing the button. Once it is clicked you get the option to share it directly on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

5. SAFER Places:
Using this feature you can see nearby safe places like hospitals and police station directly on the map. This is one feature which did not prove too useful. I have a number of hospitals and police stations in 5km radius of my house (I live in East Delhi) and the app failed to show most of these.



If you are a single working woman who lives alone and seldom has to travel during the late hours or just loved parties and mostly comes back late in to the night, this device is perfect for you. It takes care that you do not have to compromise on your fashion sense and yet can take care of your safety with its various security features. The device is quite useful and surely a must for all the hardworking women out there.



Sure the technical aspects of the device are a bit glitchy but this is one of the best things out there in the market when it comes to integrating fashion with technology for the safety of women. Would love to see the company work harder on the designing bit as the bracelet could come as a bit gaudy to many and is a little bulky to say the least. However, keeping the perspective of “safety first” this is a great device and would keep you safe in those times when you are feeling unsafe. The price of the device on the box is Rs 3999 but you can get it at a slightly discounted price from the company’s own website. This was our Ziveg Safer Smart Jewellery review, if you would like us to review more smart-fashion products, let us know in the comments.


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