Australian engineers have successfully developed quantum logic gates in silicon. Let us explain what this means exactly. Logic gates being the most fundamental building block of computers nowadays has completed the devices required to make a Quantum Computer possible. Engineers at University of New South Wales (UNSW) have made the device that allows two quantum bits (qubits) to communicate with each other, and perform calculations. They also developed and patented their work to scale the technology to millions of qubits, so now the world’s first silicon-based quantum processor chip is possible, and thus the quantum computer.

All the information right now is based on binary bits which have either 1 or zero as their value. This allows only a finite amount of information to be processed. Qubits have the ability to store zero, one or both values at the same time, therefore, allowing an extraordinary amount of data to be processed by the processor simultaneously. This is the power of Silicon-based quantum logic gates.

“Because we use essentially the same device technology as existing computer chips, we believe it will be much easier to manufacture a full-scale processor chip than for any of the leading designs, which rely on more exotic technologies,” project leader Andrew Dzurak said in a press release.

The devices we use right now are based on silicon transistors that work on controlling a stream of electrons, the quantum logic gates created by UNSW has reduced the stream of electrons to just one electron thereby reducing it to quantum size. The value is stored on the spin of the electron, which is calculated by the spin quantum number (that is either ½ or -½). Hence, one electron represents a qubit. These qubits are manipulated using microwave fields that interact with the electrons minimal magnetic field.

Now that we have Silicon based Quantum Logic Gates, we would be able to build a fully functioning quantum computer, something the researchers have been trying to do for almost a decade. This would impact all fields of study that uses computers and give us enormous processing power at our hands. This would revolutionise the way information is processed.

Computers have just taken a huge boost and quantum computers are just on the horizon. What do you think about UNSW’s achievement? Leave it all in the comments below.

Source: Science Alert