You might have heard the term Li-Fi or LiFi trending nowadays on the Internet and wondering what exactly is Li-Fi. Well, to answer your questions Li-FI is A light-based wireless communication technology known as Li-Fi (light fidelity) and is found to be a 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi networks.

What is Li-Fi?

Harald Haas

Li-Fi was invented by  Professor Harald Haas from Edinburgh University in 2011. He invented a wireless data transfer technique that used LED light to send and receive data. Now this system is more energy efficient that what we are using today in Wifi. Li-Fi also has a bandwidth that is 10,000 times more than the traditional Wifi being used in our homes.

How does Li-Fi Work?

Wi-Fi that we used toady uses an unlicensed 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz radio spectrum. It was invented accidently in 1992 by The Australian radio-astronomer Dr John O’Sullivan in a failed experiment to detect mini Black Holes.

Wi-Fi is currently being used in more than 60% of the Global Internet Trafic. Wifi is being used everywhere. There are many problems with Wifi and security is one of them.

Wifi Uses a Radio Frequency Spectrum that can be easily picked by someone else. Wifi Signals can also bounce back from metal surfaces and have noise problems.


Li- Fi uses Light to transfer data from its base station to your devices. Light is also a part of the electromagnetic spectrum like the radio waves but travels at a much higher frequency. This allows it to transfer much more data in the short amount of Time.

Li-fi uses a Specialised LED Driver Chips. These can dim and brighten LEDs so that they can encode the data. This data is in binary 1 and 0, meaning the light turning on is a 1 and light turning off is a 0. The entire process of turning the light on and off happens so fast that the human eye can not see the changes.

The Li-Fi system consists of an LED transmitter which is emitting Light in which you can do your day to day work and a solar panel receiver system.

How fast is it?

In Ideal Lab environment,  Li-Fi has given speeds of up to 224 Gigabytes per Second. In the real word, the data speeds from a single 5 Mw Micro LED that cost less than 50 INR or $1 was able to give speeds up to 1-3 Gigabit per Seconds. At that speeds, you could stream a 4K movie within 1-3 seconds from the Internet.



Since Wi-Fi signals can penetrate walls and can travel outside, Li-Fi is considerably secure since Light can not pass through a wall. You can secure you network with simple steps such as closing a curtain of a window.

The system is so sensitive to light that to keep it working you don’t need to keep the lights on all the time. The Lights can be dimmed to such low level that they appear to be turned off to the Human Eye.

So Li-Fi is a new technique that is being developed to send and receive data at much faster rate. This could be used in our home within next 5-7 years. What is your thought on Li-Fi?  Let us know in comments down below.