So Netflix has finally gone global and Indians are going crazy over the idea of “Netflix and chill”, so we present you the list of best TV shows that you should start watching right away.





Narcos, set in Colombia, tells the story of the world’s richest drug lord Pablo Escobar. Although most of the show is in Spanish, save for a few English parts, the subtitles make it easy to follow and is sure to get you hooked from the first episode.

Orange is the new black


Orange is the new black is a Netflix original that takes you through the prisons of US. It is the story of a woman in her thirties that is sent to the minimum security prison on the charges of drug money transport. Do watch it for the suspense and twisted love affairs of piper chapman.

How to get away with murder

How to get away with murder


This show casts Annalise Keating, as a prominent law professor in Philadelphia, and a group of five students she hires as mentees. This is Shonda Rhimes’ fifth collab with ABC and If you’re a fan of whodunit murder-mystery shows, How To Get Away With Murder is the show for you.

Jessica Jones


Jessica jones proves one thing that Marvel is no kids game. This show revolves around the dark and mysterious life  of marvel super hero Jessica jones and how she tries to settle down for being a detective in a world full of series. This Netflix original series aired in 2015 and the entire first season is available for you to watch and enjoy.

Better Call Saul


The show is a prequel to the AMC drama and focuses on Saul Goodman and his life six years prior to his appearance on Breaking Bad. Apart from Bob Odenkirk reprising his role as Goodman, Jonathan Banks also returns as Mike Ehrmantraut.



Marvel’s Daredevil is the story of a young boy blinded at a young age, fighting injustice as a lawyer during the day and a superhero in the night. This gripping story is perfect mix of superhero sci-fi and classic thriller action.

Master of none


Shifting to the lighter side of Netflix we have a comedy show by the one and only Aziz Ansari. The show is all about  how becoming a mature adult is more difficult than having a stable career or even dating.

Pretty Little Liars.


This one is not a Netflix Original but is surely a must for people who like shows with young adult stories that are focussed on the life in the initial years of growing up. The show explores the connection between four girls after a friend of theirs mysteriously vanishes. Currently six seasons are available on Netflix

Making a murderer


The true life story told through archive footage, old interviews, and lots of courtroom sessions chronicles the story of Steven Avery, a man who was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, then exonerated for it, but wound up back in prison for another crime later on. If you like hard-hitting documentaries you’ll surely love this Netflix original



Speaking of one of a kind stories, Sense8 is a multi-headed monolithic sci-fi drama as conceived and delivered by genre veterans J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowski siblings. From wild orgies to fight scenes to heists, name it and you’ll probably see it at some point in Sense8.

These shows are a perfect way to start your Netflix subscription as soon as possible. If you have any Netflix favourites do let us know in the comments and we will gladly update our list, till then

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