5 best eBook Reader apps for Android


Let’s face it, not everyone can afford an Amazon Kindle, and the best part is you don’t need one either. eBook reader apps, aka eReaders, offer you the experience of a book-reading on your smartphone. Following are the top 5 eBook reader apps you’ll ever need to enjoy your favourite book on your very own smartphone:

    1. Kindle

Self-explanatory, the Kindle eReader is the popular choice of many readers due to the success of the Amazon’s Kindle Fire. With a diverse and vast collection of books on the store, the Kindle app offers the same functionality and features as offered by Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The app also has an integrated dictionary, along with Google Search, and Wikipedia access. Whether its real-time updates through online newspapers or browsing trending topics, the Kindle is the right choice for you.

     2. Aldiko Book Reader

The Aldiko Book Reader is another great alternative to other eReaders. The market offered by Aldiko eReader is quite extensive and lets you buy your eBooks at great deals from your favourite retailers with the option to download it either in PDF or EPUB formats. Another advantage of the Aldiko app is the ability to download the eBook of your choice directly onto your device without having to use your computer to transfer files.

     3. Nook

Nook has been Amazon’s primary competitor in the recent years. The app offers over 4 million books that one can sample and purchase. The bookmarks and library can be synced across devices just like any other eReader. In terms of extras, Nook has over 1000 magazines and newspapers adding to the vastly readable content. The only drawback, however, is that the app can’t read locally stored eBooks.

     4. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is a unique reader having control gestures and the ability to automatically turn pages. The app offers great customizability too, providing options like custom font type, background colour, etc. Moon+ Reader tracks one’s reading habits and feeds your stats as well, for example, how many words you’ve read per minute on an average. The app supports multiple formats such as EPUB, ZIP, HTML and TXT. It’s great if you have a lot of books stored locally on your device.

      5. AlReader

AlReader is one of the only few remaining eReaders that supports Android 1.6, just in case you’re trying to convert an old Android device into an eReader. The app supports multiple formats such s EPUB (no DRM), RTF, PRC, MOBI and others. The features offered by AlReader are extensive and interesting. Some features included are page turning animations, a wave of reading features,customizations for scrolling, alignment, viewing modes, colour profiles, and page turning animations.


Let us know if you think we missed out any of the best eBook readers available on the market, tell us about them in the comments!