It’s clear phablets are the new norm and small screen phones are out. With the release of the iPhone 6 and the 6s in screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively. Apple finally put out the phones to compete with Samsung and other android smartphone companies in terms of screen size, that had been producing phablets for quite some time. However, so as not to alienate its small screen fans apple released the iPhone SE. Here we list 5 reasons you should not consider transitioning to the iPhone SE.


We give you 5 reasons not to buy the iPhone SE:

11. Good Things don’t always come in small packages

Iphone SE got a very lukewarm response initially during the release. Some were happy that Apple had finally heard its fans request to take out a phone that is easier to use one-handed and follows the size of the iPhone 5s. However, Apple went so far as to use the same chassis and even the same dimensions for this phone. No effort put in to improve upon a three-year-old model? Bad. Even the screen resolution is the same. In this age when half price phones are coming out with a pixel density of 400-500, sticking to the same old 326 pixels per inch may not cut it. It was almost as though apple was too afraid to change a winning formula. That might be one of its downfalls.

22. No 3D touch

Apple, you don’t introduce a new feature with all pomp and glory and forget to include it in your later Releases! Although 3D touch is not as developed as the other iPhone features, the way Apple announced it seemed like apple had plans to develop this technology further. Not including it in this phone may point to a shaky future of this technology.

33. Everything is Old

Iphone SE has a first generation TouchID chip that was used in the iPhone 5s. You see the pattern here right? Iphone SE is basically iPhone 5s with an upgraded processor. Even the modem is the older version of the chip. The front camera module is a 1.6 MP module. In this age when half priced budget phones have a 5 MP front camera, why apple decided to go with the older module is anyone’s guess.

44. It’s Filthy Expensive

Iphones have not known to be cheap. But most of the iPhone fans would be skeptical to buy an iPhone SE simply because of the difference of a processor chip. People would not prefer to shell out the 39K Apple is asking for this smartphone. Apple may have just too many corners with this phone.

55. Many Better options are Available

The market is filled with many options that are far better than the apple’s newest release. And since it falls under the high-end budget range of iPhone 6 and 6s it would be better to shell out a few extra bucks for better and latest features. Some android phones are also worth taking a look at, that fall in this price range like the Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 6P, and the LG G4. Iphone SE might have been one for the fans but it was definitely not the one we expected or wanted. Maybe it would just be better in the hands of Liam.