If you ever tried recommending or gifting a new audio gadget to a friend who is crazy about them, you know the feeling of being called amateur right? There’s no way you think you can match to their preferences in tunes isn’t it? It feels even bad when you spend so much of time in researching about the products that probably YOU think would definitely interest them but instead, it turns out that those efforts were all waste when he made fun for you choosing them. We feel you! And that’s the reason we have listed out the wide range of seasons top 6 picks for you can gift to that Audio freak friend of yours! Have a look!

Amkette Trubeats Metal 2

Amkette Trubeats Metal 2
Amkette Trubeats Metal 2

Experience the ultimate thump again, derived from the same DNA and the successor to the Amkette Metal comes the Metal 2, with a large finely tuned 40mm driver, a big battery and Micro SD card slot for uninterrupted music up to Six hours a day. Its sleek and compact design ensures hassle-free portability. Additionally, you can control your music and calls in one touch with top Play/Pause button. Price Rs 2495/-


Time to Disk (co) with the UE Roll

JPG 300 dpi (RGB)-UE Roll Sugarplum Front_Pkg_2They are the ones who have a knack for music, be bhajans and dhaki to rock and roll- they invest their energies in scrutinizing every single beat. To these audiophiles, gift them a dose of music. The Logitech UE Roll speakers don’t only provide immense sound output and quality to get the party rolling, they also aesthetically fit into your room decorations. These speakers come with a double up feature that can make get celebrations only louder and full of life. The double up features helps one connect two sets of UE Boom at the same time to one device- creating a stereo surround effect. Priced at INR 8,495. The UE Roll is available in four colours namely

UE Roll – Volcano (Grey) | UE Roll – Atmosphere (Blue) | UE Roll – Sugarplum (Pink/Purple) | UE Roll – Sriracha (Orange)


Momentum Wireless Over-Ear

Sennheiser Momentum 2

Peak performance combined with active noise cancelation makes Sennheiser’s new MOMENTUM Wireless a must have for the ones who enjoy wireless freedom! It features Bluetooth® wireless technology and NoiseGard Hybrid active noise cancelation. While the hybrid active NoiseGardTM attenuates ambient noise, the high-definition aptX® codec carves out every aural nuance in even finer detail. Thus, the trademark MOMENTUM sound becomes still more brilliant. Furthermore, the VoiceMax microphone, as an integral part of the headphones, enables you to conduct crystal-clear conversations without the need of an external microphone. With the MOMENTUM Wireless setting up a wireless connection is even easier than to plug in a conventional cable. It is implemented via the integrated NFC™ at the push of a button. The Momentum Wireless Over Ear is available in 2 colour variants – Black & Ivory. Price 34,990.


Amkette Trubeats Tango

Amkette Trubeats Tango

A clever way to share what you love to hear with one you care about. With its unique sharing port you can share your music without sharing your headphones. With an impeccable sound quality Tango is powered by Bass-Rich TruSound for a rich natural sound with enhanced bass and an inline remote. This lightweight headphone is designed to get fully collapsed and gets folded into a size of a tennis ball for maximum portability and protective storage. Featuring wear it the way you want, customize your headphone with different Decal’s according to your style statement. Designed meticulously to deliver great sound quality and optimum noise isolation. Price Rs 1495.




UE boom 2

It was designed to live. To see the world. To get wet, muddy, covered in snow and beat up–but to always be awesome. UE BOOM 2 brings the party wherever it goes and also looks damn good doing it. Unique speakers for unique people. Use the UE BOOM 2 app to control the party from afar. Easy wireless updates give you access to awesome features like Tap Controls, Block Party and more.

Designed to get wet, muddy and beat up, UE BOOM 2 blasts insanely great sound in every direction. Using the same high-quality materials you have come to expect from Ultimate Ears, UE BOOM 2 is waterproof (IPX 7), drop-proof (from up to five feet high), disruptive and bold, plus a whole lot of fun. It’s the size of a water bottle, so stick it in your bike’s water bottle holder or clip it to your bag, turn up life and add dimension to any moment. Priced at INR 15995/- the device is available in Cherrybomb, Phantom, GreenMachine, Tropical and BrainFreeze colours.



 Sennheiser’s HD 471

Sennheiser HD-471

With its striking aesthetics and unsurpassed sound quality Sennheiser’s HD 471 offers pure listening pleasure, whether you’re on the go or in your living room. Highly advanced transducers and innovative, lightweight diaphragms work in conjunction to provide clear, detailed sound reproduction, while the ergonomic circumaural design ensures maximum attenuation of ambient noise and a comfortable fit even after hours of use. And because these headphones are fully compatible with both portable devices as well as home stereo equipment, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing sound. Price Rs 7990.