A few years ago, Virtual Reality headsets were a fantasy and a gimmicky gadget only the rich could afford. Things have changed since the introduction of Google Cardboard the things have changed and a lot of cheaper versions of VR headsets are now available to buy online or offline. So let us take a look at the best cheapest VR headset in India.

1. GetCardboard VR headset

It is a basic DIY headset, that means you have to assemble it by yourself which only takes around 5-10 minutes. The package consists of cardboard cutouts, ceramic disk magnets, 2 biconvex lenses and an elastic headband.

GetCardboard-VR-headsetThe quality of lenses is fairly good and you can expect basic virtual reality from this device. The viewing angles are good but nothing exceptional.

Buy the Getcardboard VR headset from here. 

2. Lenovo Ant VR Headset


Lenovo launched this headset with much pomp and show along with its smartphone the Lenovo K4 Note. In contrast to the get- cardboard VR this made of solid plastic and comes with aspherical lenses offering a viewing angle of 100 degrees.
The headset can support almost all android smartphones having a screen size between 4.5 to 6 inches. At roughly 1300 rupees, You just can’t go wrong with this one.

Buy the Lenovo ANT VR from here. 

3. DMG VR Shinecon 3D Virtual Reality Cardboard with Headband

Now going for a more well made and premium looking VR headset we now present you the DMG VR Shinecon 3D Virtual Reality Cardboard with Headband. This headset features 360-degree view and fresnel lenses to reduce the strain on your eyes. This VR headset can hold phones from up to 4 to 6 inches and is surely is one of the best cheapest VR headset in India.


Buy the DMG VR from here.

4. Advent Basics™ 2nd Generation VR headset

The search for the Best cheapest VR headset in India brought us to this really cheap but decent quality headset from Advent Basics. At just ₹225.00 you are getting a VR headset that’s based on a design inspired by Google Cardboard but is made of plastic. Moreover, the viewfinder has cushion covering so that it can be worn for longer durations.


5. Coolpad Cool VR 1X

Another VR headset, like the Lenovo ANT VR this was also launched alongside a smartphone. It is compatible wide screen devices and provides an immersive Virtual reality experience.

Buy the Coolpad Cool VR 1X from here.

Some more options to consider.

  1.  Zebronics ZEB VR – Virtual Reality Headset
  2. Virtual Reality Kit inspired by Google

  3. CardboardAuraVR Pro VR headset

So these are a few options that you should check out if you are looking for the  Best Cheapest VR headset in India.

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