It had been a great year with new releases in almost every field of Technology. We made a list of our Top 5 Graphic Cards that we thought were the Best Graphic Cards for 2015. These are those card which performed the best in their categories while crushing the competition.

5. Best Budget Card Under 15000 INR

The winner of this category is the AMD R7 370, beating the Nvidia GTX 950. With the recent price drops the AMD R7 370 is the best Graphic Card that you can get under 15000 bucks. In terms of raw performance, it’s far more superior than the Nvidia Counterpart. You can get the 2GB version for around 15000 INR from Amazon right now.

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4. Best Mid-Range Card 2015

The best card that you can get in the Mid Range segment has to be the AMD R9 380X. The Graphic card comes at a price just under 20000, can handle most of the newer games at Ultra at 1080p resolution.  It also comes with 4GB VRAM into this with a 256-bit BUS.

The Nvidia Counterpart that retails for the same price is the GTX 960 which comes with 2GB of VRAM at 20000 INR.

3. Best Enthusiast Graphic Card 2015

We finally have a Nvidia Graphic card for this one with the Nvidia GTX 970. This is the best Enthusiast Card that you can get, retails for 25000 INR with some overclocked version going even higher.

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2. Best High-End Graphic Card 2015

It was a tough competition between the Nvidia and AMD cards for this category and if it was just for the GTX 980, AMD would have won. But since Nvidia also have to offer the  Nvidia GTX 980 Ti which just outperforms the AMD card.

It comes with 2816 CUDA cores at a 1000MHz clock speed and a 1075MHz boost clock and 6GB of RAM. It’s the same memory specs as the Nvidia TITAN X at 60000 INR. You can run everything on 4K with this card from Nvidia.

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1. Holy Grail Nvidia TITAN X

The Titan X from Nvidia is the best GPU on the planet that you can buy right now. But if you have any plans of buying it, why even bother reading my opinions, just buy it. It’s priced at around 1 Lac INR and comes with 3072 CUDA cores at a 1000MHz clock speed and a 1075MHz boost clock, with 12 GB of VRAM and a 382-bit Bus speed, with a memory bandwidth of 336.5gbps and a Memory clock of 7gbps. It can run games at 5120×3200 resolution easily.