Media Streaming devices are a good way to share content from your smartphone or laptop to the big screen television. Most of them can stream content from the internet like Youtube and Netflix ( Soon to launch in India ), while other have added the functionality of playing content from local media and flash drives. Here is the list of  Best Media Streaming Devices in India.

1. Teewe 2

Teewe 2


Teewe 2 is hands down the best and affordable media that you can buy in India. It has many features that are well suited for the Indian crowd and with their software updates they keep on adding more features to it. We have played with it once and still waiting for the review unit to arrive but we can bet you this is the best if want a no hassle setup. They have their own app from which you can stream content to your TV, so just plug it in and push any content from you phone or laptop. There are 2 versions of Teewe that you can buy. We recommend buying the latest one, Teewe 2.

Buy Teewe 2 for 2399 INR 

Buy Teewe for 1350 INR

For this price the only thing that come close is the Google Chrome cast which is also great but lacks many features offered by Teewe making it the Best Media Streaming Devices in India

2. Google Chrome Cast

Google Chrome Cast


The only fact that we gave Chromecast number 2 is that Google hasn’t released the newer version of Chrome Cast in India yet which is available elsewhere. Chrome Cast is pretty cool if you have an android device and want to stream without installing anything. Most of the apps that support Chrome Cast comes with cast support built it. If you are running Google Chrome on you computer then you can mirror anything using it.

Buy Chrome Cast from Google for ₹2999

3. Apple TV

Apple TV


Apple TV is a well-recognised device in the Apple users. If your home has a lot of Apple Devices and computers this might be the path to go. Not only you can stream content from various different sources like iTunes and Netflix, but also play your own using Airplay. The newer Apple TV is available in India, but if you just want Airplay then you can get the old one too.

Buy Apple TV

4. Intel Compute Stick

Intel Stick PC

Intel Compute Stick is the most powerful device in this list. It a full computer running Windows that you can plug directly into your HDMI port. You can always install KODI on it along with a pair of Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse are you have yourself a media center.

It comes with an Intel Atom Z3735F Processor along with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, running Windows 8.1 out of the Box.It also hosts Intel HD Graphics for media performance.

Buy Intel Stick PC for 8199 INR

5. iRevo Smart TV

iRevo Smart TV

iRevo Smart TV is a full fledged media center device like the Apple TV out of the Box. Its running Android OS which transforms your standard TV into a Smart TV. You can play your own content using portable media device or install KODI on it to stream your content.

Buy iRevo Smart TV for 6121 INR 

What do you think of our list of Best media streaming devices in India. If you have any suggestions then do let us know in the comments down below.