Over the past decades technology has advanced in heaps and bounds. In the case of Photography, this change has been slow, but steady. From pin hole cameras to film cameras to the decade-and-a-half old digital photography, cameras and their accessories have come a long way. Our digital cameras can now hold thousands of pictures and bad ones can be deleted on the spot. But there is an old world charm to film photography which a lot fo people still feel in today’s modern society. In comes Fujifilm’s Instax Mini series of instant cameras. These quirky pieces of tech are very popular in teenagers and young adults these days. They are inexpensive, easy to carry around and extremely simple to use. Instax Mini cameras are your best friend while you are off on a wanderlust adventure or simply meeting an old friend for coffee.

So, to help you master the art of Instant (Or should i say Instax) photography we have got some tips for you which will surely allow you to come out with better pictures.

Here are 5 Tips for Capturing Amazing Pictures with Instax Mini Cameras:

1. Use Natural Light

As a photographer, natural light is your best pal. The best time to click pics is (±) 1 hour of sunrise and sunset. Golden hues, pink skies and the ever so beautiful Blue Hour. Natural light lets you click some great pictures sans any extra effort. Also in good natural light, the flash of the Instax Mini camera wont go off, so the pictures will have much better tonal quality.

2. Switch up the Angles

Different heights leads to different angles of photography in the same conditions. A 6 feet tall man and a 5 feet tall woman would click things very differently event if they were given the same set of conditions. So get out of your comfort zone and find new angles. Put your camera on the road and click, or maybe hold it as high as you can on a busy street and click. These pictures are bound to be different and quirky.

3. Dress Up Your Set

If you follow some popular fine art/ fashion photographers on social platforms you would see that they set up their frames very nicely and with high detailing. Do not just click your shoes while in your room. Go to a beach, get near to the water, wear a pair of contrasting shoes and click them just as the wave hits your feet. Dressing up your set will surely provide you with some great pics, more the effort behind it, better the result.

4. Play with Double Exposure

Double Exposure photography is one of the most fun things you can do with your Instax mini camera. They are a great way to let your inner creativity out. Double exposure are easy to carry out in Instax Mini 90 cameras, though it is a bit more complicated if you wish to carry it out with lower models.

5. Go Exploring

The best advice for any amateur photographer is that they should regularly go out with their cameras for photowalks and workshops. So grab onto your Instax Mini camera and go exploring! Visit monuments, parks, historical places and museums and apply all the above points into your photography!

Well that was the list of 5 Tips for Capturing Amazing Pictures with Instax Mini Cameras! If you have any other tips you would like to add to this list, let us know in the comments below! Keep clicking!