We all have special women our lives, who light up our world (Pun intended). The woman in your life could be your mother, your sister, a friend or your beloved girlfriend. Not to sound too sexist here, but most (i say most) of the girls know as much about tech as we know about the shades of colors. So it is our responsibility to choose gifts for them which will be as useful as they would be pretty, this Diwali. Therefore, we have compiled a Tech Gifts for Women this Diwali post for you! Read on..

1.  Kindle e-reader

Girl is reading with an Ebook Reader on the bed

The most popular and pocket friendly versions of the Kindle are Kindle Basic (Rs. 5,999) and Kindle Paperwhite (Rs 9,999) though you can get these for a thousand rupees cheaper on Amazon India due to festive discounts. So why gift them a book when you can gift them a whole library! This gift will surely bring a sparkle to their eyes and your gift will go a long way with them. This is one of the most popular tech gifts for women.

2. Seagate Rose Gold Back Up Slim 2TB HDD

seagatebackupplusultraslim-800x541They all LOVE to take pictures. Any girl at any point of time has atleast a few hundred if not a few thousand pictures in her smartphone. They also love to carry music ranging from the first song which helped them to get over an ex to the latest ones from Beyonce. If you have travelled in Delhi Metro, you also know that girls are always watching TV shows or movies on their smartphones while travelling. All this consumes alot of memory. Gift her the pretty and portable Seagate Rose Gold Slim 2TB HDD and she’ll know that you’ve got her covered. Not only can this HDD be used to back up massive amount of data for them, it is also very stylish, pretty and extremely thin and light to carry around! It has a svelte compact design, super-fast USB 3.0 interface and is the ideal storage solution to aggregate and back up valued photos, videos and other files despite being spread across numerous devices, social networks and personal computers.

3. Ziveg Smart Bracelet

ziveg-coverIf her safety is of paramount interest to you and she would just not want to carry a “silly plasticy smart band” then Ziveg Jewellery has got you covered. They make pretty little trinklets which have a smart SOS device hidden in them. These can be used to quickly send out an SOS signal or track the real time location of the women who is wearing it. For all the girls who work late shifts, this gadget is a must. It is good to look pretty but it is even better to be pretty safe ! Certainly a great choice for tech gifts for women this Diwali.

4. iPhone 7 Rose Gold

iphone7-plus-rosegold-select-2016Yeah, if you can afford one (kidney jokes aside) then this might as well be the gift that will make her jump up in the air! Most girls find the iPhone easier and simpler to use than the average android device. The rose gold is a cute color and quite popular with the ladies. We as tech journos and reviewers can claim that iPhone 7 has one of the best selfie camera in the market right now, if not THE best. She is gonna love it and she is gonna love flaunting it even more. If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone!

5. TomTom Cardio + Music GPS watch

music_spark_02If the woman in your life is a fitness freak and loves her daily jogs, swimming, yoga or any other freestyle exercises, then TomTom Cardio + Music GPS watch has her covered. As stated in the name, the watch has a heart rate sensor which will help her track her performance. The watch gives out accurate results for the distance traveled onto maps thanks to its onboard GPS. And last but not the least, it is one of the only watches in the market to have an inbuilt music player. So she can ditch her chunky phone and go for a jog without any hassles. Did we already mention that the this watch also tracks your swimming laps? And for those who still have this question, yes you can wear it in shower. It is 50mts water resistant.

That finishes our Tech gifts for women this Diwali list. Have a Happy Diwali and this year, do not burst a patakha, date one!