While most Android games are designed with the touchscreen usage in mind, the truth is that there comes a time when using a traditional controller just makes more sense. This also applies particularly to games that were ported from a console over to Android, oh, and also to emulators. With the oncoming VR gaming wave, gaming using touch screen just isn’t possible. And we have made our Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers list keeping all these factors in mind.

There are various controllers to choose from in the market today, with multiple different sizes and layouts. For this Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers list, we wanted to focus on the five controllers we think are the best. And to make it clear, We won’t be featuring one of those cheap ultra small fit-in-your-pocket junk controllers which are absolutely trash. Any real gamer would agree with me.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in to the Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers list:

1.  MadCatz GameSmart C.T.R.L. – Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers


The Mad Catz C.T.R.L. is designed with both Android and PC in mind. Design wise, the Mad Catz C.T.R.L. sticks to the traditional Xbox 360 layout which can be a bit annoying if you are used to the PS layout. The controller offers two analog sticks, a d-pad, 4 main action buttons on the face (A,B,X,Y), start, back, a button for syncing, two shoulder triggers, and two smaller shoulder bumpers. The USP of the device is its built-in media buttons. These let you play/pause, fast forward, rewind, and turn the volume up and down.

2. GameSir G4s – Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers


This by far is one of our favourite controller in the market right now. As a successor to the GameSir G3s, the G4s has proved its worth time and again. The layout encompasses controls in such a manner that players from XBOX or PS layout can easily use it according to their will. There’s four face buttons (using Xbox’s XABY layout), dual analog sticks (with L3/R3 buttons), four shoulder buttons and start and select. The G4s also has a smartphone holder integrated into the unit. The center of the controller lifts up, revealing a telescoping grip and Turbo and Clear buttons hidden underneath. There’s also battery status LEDs on the top face of the G4s and a micro USB port for charging the controller’s in-built 800mAh battery.

3. Steel Series Stratus – Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers


It is one the best android game controllers in the market right now. Steel Series crafts a few fine gaming accessories, and on top of that list sits the Stratus Wireless Gaming Controller. This stylish and cool controller is compatible with iOS devices and mobile games that are controller-enabled for Android ones. It utilizes Bluetooth 2.1 to couple up with your phone and is supposed to last ten hours per charge. Placed out a bit like an Xbox controller should also be well-known.

4. Nyko Playpad Pro -Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers


Next on our Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers list is the Nyko Playpad pro. This controller has been in much demand seeing its relatively cheaper price and good performance. Playpad Pro has an optimized HID protocol for the popular tegra Android games, with is its USP. This controller has two thumb sticks, buttons, directional pad and two triggers. This game controller also includes an app which has an ability to download game profiles with previous titles.

5. Moga Moblile Gaming System – Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers


Next up on the list of the Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers is the Moga Mobile Gaming system. This controller has become a popular one for gaming pertaining to android devices. It runs on 2 AAA batteries. This Android game controller has holder to clasp your smartphone just like the GameSir G4s.  The battery life per 2 AAA non alcaline batteries can go upto 18 hours on this one!


So that ends our Top 5 Bluetooth Gaming Controllers list. Keep in mind that we will keep updating it as and when new ones keep turning in but as for now, we would still place our bets on the GameSir G4S and the Steel Series Stratus as the best bluetooth controllers in the market right now.