In a move that no one saw coming, Google has launched the developer preview of its next major update to the android software. Android N developer preview was made available yesterday and this time, you do not need to unlock your bootloader and/or manually flash the developer preview but Google is giving you the option to flash the update by providing it over-the-air.

This is the first version of Android N developer preview so don’t expect it to be daily-driver material as it is quite buggy but here are the Top 5 features of Google’s next update.

Android N developer preview: Top 5 features.

Multi-window support

android n developer preview

Although Samsung implemented Multi-window support long back at the time of Note-2. Android N has now adopted it so all the new native android devices will be able to run two apps simultaneously on the same screen. Apple and Microsoft have also introduced split screen capabilities in the tablet OS’s so it was expected that Android N will bring this feature.


Inline Notification reply


As the name suggest this feature allows you to reply to your Texts, WhatsApp messages etc. from the notification panel itself.Although This feature, not a new one and surprisingly Apple’s iOS already had this but is a useful feature and will be welcomed by Nexus as well as other OEM devices.


Improved Doze mode

Doze mode was probably the best feature of Android marshmallow and with the launch of Android N developer Preview, we can see some minor bug fixes and tweaking done to the mode. With Android N, the Doze mode will also work when your screen is turned off. Google is also working to reduce the amount of memory Android OS needs, thus saving on more on battery life.


Project Svelte


Project Svelte aims to optimize the apps that run in the background. Proper handling of background apps can not only speed up the Android device but also help in conserving battery life hogged by apps.


Number blocking and Call screening

At some point in time all you Android vanilla users have wished that your device had a number blocking feature so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of downloading useless third-party applications, well, Say no more as Android N developer preview showcased the Number blocking and call screening features of the next big update.

Google has played smart with it’s latest update. So, what do you think will this update be named?
Will it be called Android Nutella?
Do let us know in the comments.