Top 5 Features of Asus Zenfone Zoom


Asus recently launched their new Zenfone series phone called the Zenfone Zoom. The Asus Zenfone Zoom is an intriguing phone from the perspective of not only a photography lover but also from anyone who is demanding of their smartphone. For a recap, the Asus Zenfone Zoom comes with 4GB RAM, 128GB internal memory and a microSD slot. Also, the phone is powered by a 2.5Ghz quad core Intel chipset supported by a dedicated GPU from Mali. On the camera front, the Phone has a 10 element 13MP Hoya lens rear camera with a Panasonic sensor and a 5MP front snapper. It is priced at Rs. 37,999 for the Indian market.


1) 3x Optical Zoom

This is the core feature why this phone has been named as the Zenfone ZOOM! Most of the phones have a digital zoom, while the Zenfone Zoom comes with the Optical Zoom, seen in Point and shoot cameras.

The difference, you ask? Simple. In optical zoom, the lenses are physically moving (the way a P&S camera’s lens goes in and out). Digital zoom on the other hand simply crop the surrounding area to focus on the object thus giving a pixelated and bad quality image. Notably, Zenfone Zoom has 3x Optical Zoom and 12x digital zoom. The camera comes with a wide aperture of f/2.7 which can give some amazing low light shots! The lens is a 10 element Hoya lens (Most phones today have a 6 element lens) creating distortion free high quality image. Zenfone Zoom is world’s thinnest phone with a camera having optical zoom.

Zenfone zoom black

2) Intel Inside Factor

The Zenfone Zoom is a powerhouse of a phone with performance compared to ultrabooks. This beast is powered by a 2.5 GHz Quad Core processor, from the house of Intel. The processor is termed as Intel Atom Z3590 is a total powerhouse, also used in many ultrabooks and netbooks. Imagine the comparison just made here. Savvy?

3) 4 GB of RAM

Since we have already made a comparison between netbooks and The Zenfone Zoom, it is interesting to note that the Zenfone Zoom has more RAM as compared to most netbooks ! With 4GB of RAM and an amazing Intel Chipset, this phone can handle anything ranging from multitasking heavy softwares to playing full fledged games like a breeze.

4) 128 GB Variant

The hate we feel for devices having great chipset and low memory can not be described in words. It is simply irritating to have a high performance phone with low ROM and even worse if there is no expandable memory slot. Zenfone Zoom surely ticks all the right boxes in this domain. The phone does not only just have a microSD expandable slot but also a whopping 128GB of internal memory. Do not have to think twice in carrying movies, TV series, songs and heavy games in your phone. Just put it there and forget about it. What a relief!

5) Quick Charging

In the world where most of our day to day things are done on our smartphone, we are always reaching out for the charger whenever we can because our smartphones wouldn’t seem so smart if they ran out of juice. The Zenfone Zoom comes with a massive 3000 mAh battery which can easily last a day and not just that, it supports quick charging too. The Zenfone Zoom boasts that it can be charged from 0 to 60% in 40 mins!
I plugged in my Zenfone Zoom at 13% battery for 15 mins and when i plugged it out it was at 45 %. This, i guess would be the best feature of this smartphone for our daily life.